While the lines are always long, the store is always in disarray, and the music sucks, Forever21 usually has some cute accessories that makes venturing into the store less painful. The baubles and bling are always very reasonably-priced and definitely on-trend. It’s not going to be an heirloom to pass down to the next generation but you don’t need to worry about that, grandma has that covered.

So when you need to dress up an outfit right quick…don’t forget to check Forever21. You may have to wade through a bunch of nonsense but you’ll surely come up on a winner. Check these bangles that caught my eye. Also, I for one am glad that you can order stuff online and save yourself some trouble. I am currently in my black/grey period and these would definitely help brighten and funk it up a bit.

A. Metallic Spot Suede Bracelet, $6.80
B. Studded Bangle, $4.80
C. Metal Looped Cuff, $3.80
D. Twisted Knot Bracelet, $10.80