It seems like just yesterday I was buying my baby sister her first makeup book, The Color Of Beauty by fly lady Iman. Now I could really use lil sis’ help in getting my smokey eye together. Isn’t she so purty? And check out her makeup skills.

Now that Iman book is a classic but you may want to consider gifting someone this new Sam Fine instructional dvd too. And if you wanna seem extra nice, you’ll add this $10 makeup kit from Lord And Taylor that could be used for practicing. Ladies young and old would appreciate a gift like this.

And maybe one day you’ll be so lucky that years and years later that they’ll thank you for it randomly while makeup shopping together. You’re welcome, Lil Sissy and you are beautiful most importantly inside, but also outside with or without makeup. Kisses! I’m still gonna steal your eyelashes…sleep light!