Oh the things I do for my shopping addiction research!  I was browsing the aisles of my favorite place Anthropologie for knobs for a bureau of mine and out jumped the cutest, most adorable belt I’ve ever seen.  I just HAD to try this Blooming Trio Belt on and it did not disappoint.  I was strong-willed though and left it right in the store. 

Okay what really happened is I couldn’t decide between this one and a lovely deep purple, black, and grey one that isn’t on the website but may be in your local store.  Old Me would have bought both but I survived and I left empty-handed but I can’t stop thinking about these belts.  Someone HAS to buy one! 

Anyway, peep some other belts that have caught my eye lately.  There’s no better way to have a little fun with an old staple outfit than with a belt.   For me, you know that staple outfit is a black dress…lol.  Can’t you just see how any of these belts would spark up my black wrap dresses?  Let’s all sigh together now!

A. Anthropologie Brown Clasp Belt
B. NY&Co Distressed Stretch Belt (I’m partial to the grey one)
C. JCrew Skinny Patent Leather Belt* in Redwood
D. Anthropologie Transmissions Belt in Copper
E. NY&Co Multi Ring Stretch Belt
F. JCrew Silk Bouquet Sash* (I’m all about this Grey Mist but it also comes in all black)

*extra 20% off until Sunday, January 17th using code EXTRA20 for all Final Sale items.