First, let’s get this out of the way…this Shabby Apple 90 Words Per Minute Dress is mine. I’m buying it and I don’t wanna hear anything from my sub conscious about how I’m not really supposed to be buying anything. Sub Conscious, shut up…Conscience, you too. It’s only $64.

Anyway, Shabby Apple is an awesome site that has always had lovely dresses that you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear around your grandmama that are definitely fabulous and fly all at the same time. This first one reminds me a bit of an Anthropologie dress from a year or two ago but it’s even doper because it has mini CAP SLEEVES. I think this is going to be my Easter dress. Yes, I still get Easter dresses. Fret not, I no longer get the matching London Fog coat and patent leather mary janes though.

A. Sheep Meadow, $88
Coming to an Easter church service near you, very soon.
B. Mary Jane Watson, $79
If I had this dress on, I wouldn’t even let anyone talk to me. Seriously, I would just stand around looking hot and haughty.
C. Nine To Five, $62
I would rock this from 9 to 5 and from 5 to whenever I felt like not showing off anymore.
D. Slate, $78
First, it’s grey and it’s shiny and it has rufflage and buttons and a lil belt? Come on!

But yeah…speaking of mary janes, Shabby Apple also has some neat accessories. Check them out here. Has anyone shopped here before?

A. Bergamo Pump, $159  I adore this funky lil mary jane.
B. Jenny Choo Pump, $140  Love that heel and the button frill.
C. Sweet As Candy Flat, $98  Stripes, Sheen, Fleurs? Love it!
D. Studded Tote, $107  Great as an everyday but surely not boring.