It’s Spring Again!!  I mean not yet but soon, okay.  Supposedly in my  neck of the woods it’s going to rain.  How serendipitous is that Ideeli is having a great sale on Kenneth Cole trench (and other) coats today?  Every girl needs a basic, neutral-colored trench coat for their wardrobe.  It’s classic and it will last forever so it’s important that you pick a good one.  One that will flatter your shape, look good for your height, and compliment most of your wardrobe.  It’s in the details so while at first glance all these trench coats might look the same, pay close attention because they are all very different.  I’m all about the double-breasting and the belting on the first one. 

There are other coats on sale too and this lil black leather jacket is super duper fly.  I mean we can call this a basic, necessity too, right?  Work with me here!  LOL!  Okay, I’m really looking for a camel one so I’m going to just chill.   I’m loving this model by the way…she’s giving some fierce face!