So, my apartment is basically a blank slate.  I’ve been contemplating forever and a day about what curtains to hang up and I want something bright and cheery that will bring some color into my muted, earthy palette.  I fell in love with Etsuko Furuya’s Bird To Hang fabric and just knew it would be take my decor over the edge.  Then I looked at the price tag…I’m not gonna be able to do it (c) Double XX Posse.  It’s around $17 bucks per yard and I wouldn’t even want to pay the price to make a pillow out of it…LOL! 

Anyway, I lamented a bit, felt all sorry for myself and would sometimes take a look at the pattern to try to convince myself that it was worth the price.  Well I’m surely not there yet but I found the next best thing…if I can’t put it in my living room, why not put it on my shoulder.  Where else did I find these lovely, handmade creations but Etsy.  Enjoy!

Oh and a peak at my blank slate.  Someone please shame me into actually doing something about this…lol.