Actually, no I don’t and if you do…you’re pretty much wack.  Anyway though, the sun is out and bright as ever thanks to you using all the hairspray in the 80s.  I forgive you but I still need some sunglasses. While I’d love to buy the nice, expensive sunglasses…I can’t keep track of anything that isn’t attached to  me so I lose sunglasses frequently.  This means, I’m not going to pay alot for them but I’m not trying to walk around wearing wack glasses either.  Good ole Urban Outfitters cares because they have a nice selection of sunglasses for $5 and under.  Yes, UNDER!  So I don’t have to travel to a skeevy city and buy them from a random dude on the street, I can just cop a pair from behind the comfort of my computer.   They also have some cute tshirts and accessories on sale for $5 and under…how’s that for the good life?