I love pillows and that’s a fact.  They can instantly take something drab like my living room and totally transform the look and feel of it with just a few of them.  Playing around with pillow arrangement takes time until you can get the perfect placement.  Such is the case with the couple of tries it took me to get my pillows looking as springy and as cohesive as I’d like.  So let’s look at the before, first.  Don’t fall asleep, now.

Okay now, here’s where I started bringing in the pillows after my first shopping trip.  I definitely wanted the brown pillows in because that’s the color of my rug and all of my old pillows…lol.  This arrangement just didn’t really gel together for me.  The brown really brought everything down and it seemed disjointed. 

So I went to this…

and it was definitely way too bright and juvenille for my tastes.  Great for someone else but for me it felt like someone else’s living room.  I needed to bring it down to earth a bit more but I was totally stumped as to how I was going to do that with the pillows I had.  So I shopped for some more and found two that I loved and felt would give me the balanced, bright yet still sophisticated look that I was going for and bam…now I’m happy. 

I love all of the texture and the frill and it’s brought together with the neutral tones that I didn’t want to lose.  My couch and my rug still seem like a part of the equation but this is definitely not the boring living room of old.  So pillows, done…but more decorating to go.  It definitely is starting to feel like Spring in my apartment.  What do you think?  Which was your favorite?