Well around my way, Spring is in full force…in all of its incarnations.  You never know what the next day will bring this time of year.  One day, you can be out in tank tops and a light sweater and the next day you’re cursing yourself for putting away your warm jacket.  Currently, in my hood we are being regailed with everyone’s favorite…Spring Showers and cool weather to boot.  But I love it.  Spring is my favorite season because all of my clothes can come out to play.  

This post is inspired by yesterday’s ho-hum outfit.  I don’t always check the weather when I’m getting dressed and very frequently what I have planned in my head just doesn’t work out when I step outside.  So I just grab a scarf which can very easily and prettily cover up the clavicle that I’ve been hiding all winter and dying to let free. 

I’ve been pretty loyal to a boring black scarf of mine that I took off for this pic but I know I can use an upgrade to something way more pretty and way more Spring-like.  That outfit above* is dying for a way  more punchy scarf.  Oh and I had to go home at lunch and put on some hose…it was freezing out! 

Back to scarves….Anthropologie to the rescue, of course!  I would love to pull the trigger on all of these scarves.  They would brighten up pretty much any winter-worn wardrobe and make even your winter coat and all black outfits sing a new tune. 

Please note that all of these come in a variety of colors, these are just my absolute favorite.  The scarves are – Moments Pause, Shadowed Vine, and Catch And Release, respectively.  Someone must buy one, because I spent all of my money on pillows.  Anyway, I could have definitely used this  Catch and Release in Steel Grey yesterday.  

*I know my background leads much to be desired but I was rushing, I’ll be more prepared next time.  I think the trash can adds to the tone of the picture…lol.