So I’m about to order my dress and to get the free shipping, I’m told that I need to spend about $41.20 more.  Isn’t that about a……anyway, help me pick some wedding jewelry please.  My dress is very *PLAIN* according to a few people.  According to me- it’s very classic, very sleek, and very me which is what matters.  I’m into dressing along the lines of JCrew and Calvin Klein and that won’t change much on my wedding day.  So let’s use the JCrew Silk Tricotine Anouk Gown ($695) above as the dress to use in this example.  Let’s mix and match me some jewelry, please!

A. NORDSTROM Lydell NYC Crystal Flower Drop Earrings
B. NORDSTROM Stein & Blye Triangle Stone Earrings
C. LORD & TAYLOR Textured Link Drop Earrings (I had to throw these in and don’t forget the 25% off sale!)
D. NORDSTROM Lydell NYC Multi Flower Cuff in Blush
E. NORDSTROM Sequin Metallic Multi Row Cuff
F. NORDSTROM Lydell NYC Multi Flower Cuff in Ivory

Now if I really had my way, I’d get these ones below…A, maybe B, and about four of C!  I must behave though.  I’m really wanna say eff it and get this bag but I’mma go ahead and put on my big girl pants and chill.

A. NORDSTROM Sequin Hinged Enamel Bangle
B. NORDSTROM Kate Spade ‘All Wrapped Up’ Bangle
C.  NORDSTROM Nadri Crystal Stud Bangle