I come from a long line of excellent bargain shoppers.  If we had a family crest, it’d be the one above.  From the thrift store to the department store, we are about our business and will always get the best bang for our bucks.  Of course this attitude trickles over to wedding planning and among the many other bugs that my mumsy, granny, and sisters are putting into my ear about where to get it for cheap, the one that I really paid attention to was…”I know where to get veils for $15.”  Oh word?  Sign me up. 

I just cannot see myself paying $100+ for some tulle and a push comb.  I can’t.  I was already envisioning making one myself by I got lazy came to my senses.  It’s only a veil, right…how bad can it be for $15?  That’s a price well worth saving my time and energy (and frustration from glueing my fingers together).  I was unable to make a trip down to my hometown to find the veil myself so I sent my trusty crew of my mumsy, my granny, and my baby sis to find this elusive $15 veil for me.  I gave them specific enough instructions- bird cage, finger tip, or blusher in ivory.  And by now they should  know me well enough to know my style of dress.   I mean it’s been 30+ years, man.

First, let’s talk about these lovely ladies.  They like to show out and are definitely about the Bling Bling.  Think of the best dressed church lady you know Aretha hat and all.  That’s my mumsy and my granny aka the Dynamic Duo.  My little sis, I’ll just call her Breanna Barnes because she is very much Kyla Pratt’s “One On One” character.  All this to say, I do not like the veil they picked at all!  I mean I could have lived with some of the detail on it but these cheesy flowers? NO!

Of course, before I saw it I told them “oh whatever you pick will be special to me because you guys picked it.” Now I would like to eat those words.  Apparently there were other veils there but they were “too plain.”  Uhm…hello!   You call *MY* style plain…it’s a perfect match, no?  I mean…I’m Calvin Klein, they’re Betsy Johnson.  I’m Chanel, they’re Karl Lagerfeld.  I’m Tyra, they’re Kimora.  I’m Big Boi, they’re Andre3000.  I’m a big jackass baby, they were just doing me a favor…lol.  I need to still sort my feelings out about this obviously.