I haven’t posted in a second and that’s because I’ve been marinating on something that I really don’t want to share or give too much energy to but it’s kind of bothering me.  This is supposed to be my free space but you never know who’s reading and how the written word will be interpreted.  But whatever, these are my thoughts and this is my blog and I’m grown. 

Where I’m going with this is that I am very much shocked at some of the reactions that I’m getting from people who I expected the exact opposite reaction.  It’s amazing, really.  There are people who I totally did not expect to be happy for me who are like…really happy for me and really invovled and invested in sharing all of this joy.  Then…there are people who I really thought would be amped who are very…very…not and unfortunately at every opportunity very vocal about it. 

It’s just really blowing me.  I don’t want to give alot of details and I hate even writing this post but I had to get this out.  This is a very delicate situation…hell, I might even have to make this post private.  I  just want us all to be happy.  Ugh. 

On a more positive note, the love that I have been receiving from nearly everyone else has been a true blessing, very pure, and I’m holding it all close to my heart.  I’m just a big ball of thankfulness, love, and appreciation.  I extend this to all of you who read here as well, seriously.  This is beautiful and I thank you for sharing in this journey with me.