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When I started Rum And Cake, it was really all about rebellion. My favorite moisturizer had been reformulated into something I did not recognize and I wasn’t happy. So began my one woman boycott and the type of person that I am well… I decided, I will just make it myself (this attitude is both a gift and curse…I’ll talk about that at another time) . I had already been mixing products I’d purchased into exactly what I wanted…how hard was this, right? Ha!

Anyway, I was also becoming more and more aware of living a more healthy lifestyle and recently acquired my mother’s well-worn copy of the Back To Eden. I have always been a label reader and very disappointed in the availability of products out there that were mindful of what ingredients they have us slathering all over our bodies.

Through much research and much, much trial and error I started on the path to creating the products of my dreams. Surprisingly, others were interested in them and from friends and family to friends and family of friends and family to customers who I now consider friends and family…this little act of stubborness and rebellion became Rum And Cake.

This blog will be a little behind the scenes look into what goes in my mixmaster mind, to answering any questions you may have, to letting you have input into what gets added to a line a products or scents. I hope you’ll join our little cult family of people obsessed with putting an end to ashiness with humor, whimsy, attitude, and style! Naturally…of course.