Sugar and Spice, but not always nice!  Always on the lookout for beauty in all of its forms.  I’m obsessed with shiny, healthy, glossy skin, reading ingredient labels to everything, body scrubs, and shea butter.  So much so that I started making my own bath and body care products.


I love cooking and baking and I’m currently a pescatarian. And yes, I just used a word that I find as pretentious and kooky as you do.  It makes me laugh so whatever.  I also don’t care much for The Color Purple but I still quoted it. I might delete that because I would like to be on Oprah one day.


I’m a newlywed and super excited about it.  What I’m not that excited right now about is getting rid of most of my stuff and learning how to Co-habitate With Grace (c) Urban Casita


I’m a fan of dresses (A-line mostly), skirts, fly hats, tall boots, cute coats, soft Twizzlers, magazines, and chocolate milkshakes. My favorite designers are Tracy Reese and Cynthia Steffe. My secret dream job is to be a personal shopper. I am currently on shopping restriction until I clean my closet but if I can’t have it, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.


My favorite movies are Hav Plenty, Anchorman, and Joy Luck Club.  My favorite music artists are Fiona Apple, Eric Roberson, and MF DOOM.  My favorite books are “Back To Eden” by Jethro Kloss and “Cotton Candy On A Rainy Day” by Nikki Giovanni.


This blog will talk about ways to make your life SPIRITED AND SWEET!