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If layering is not your thing and it gets just a tad bit colder a real jacket might be what you need.  Here a few funky choices that will make even the most boring wardrobe pop.  Enjoy!

A. Funky Funnel Plaid Jacket, ~$90

B. Herringbone Caplet, $60

C. Bright Puff Motorcycle Jacket, $65

D. Caramel Leather Bomber, $25


So, it’s officially Fall.  Not just because of the date but the weather is actually saying so as well.  Goodbye tank tops and halters and hello cardigans and vests.   I’m so happy!  Here are a few key layered looks to get you prepared for your weekend.

A. Grey Ruffled Puff Vest, $20

B. Black Short Sleeved Peacoat, $55

C. Plaid High-Collared Vest,$155

Again, Target has whatcha need if you say are light on cash or are saving your cash or are on shopping punishment like me.  No I have not bought anything in awhile and my closet still is not clean and if you scroll back to see how long this blog has been in bizness I should be slapped.  But let’s not go there right now.  This is about work clothes that are easy on your pockets and nice in your wardrobe.  Take a looksie.  These are quite cute.  My trigger finger is itchy and I really, really want A but I’m gonna behave right now.



I was looking around on Target (tar-jay) and found a couple of things that might serve a few of us well.  I usually buy fun and frilly things from Target but let’s be serious here…the financial outlook right now in this country isn’t looking good.  What is looking good right now are the prices of these items.  Check it out.  Holla if you have any of these or have seen them in person.

A. Patent and Grosgrain Pump, $16


B.  Black and White T Straps, $33


C.  Black Mary Janes, $27