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Not me, but maybe you?  I absolutely adore this daring lacy number!  It’s like almost slutty sweet…LOL.  Anyway, the Tadashi Shoji Lace & Chiffon Gown is $548 at Nordies.


Woooohooo!  I can’t wait to try this on later.  Yup, I ordered my dress from a department store.  So far we’ve got a venue for the ceremony and the reception, my dress, Tresvant’s suit (and a tux to alter), a hotel for our guests…anything else we get at this point is just gravy.  Ha!  

Peep some other department store cuties while I jump around and try to occupy myself until I can go home and TRY ON MY DRESS!  Like any of these?  My personal favorite is E! 

A. Calvin Klein Long Cross Back Gown, $198
B. LAUNDRY BY SHELLI SEGAL Gathered Empire-Waist Silk Gown, $295
C. JS Collections Pleated Mesh Halter Gown, $198

D. BCBGMAXAZRIA Laser Cut Satin Gown, $298
E. Aidan Mattox Strapless Gown, $370
F. Tadashi One Shoulder Rosette Chiffon Gown, $398

I don’t know if y’all saw these floating over the  net yet but Ms. Jackson is DEFINITELY doing her thing.  I don’t think she’s ever had a better hairstyle (well, besides Pleasure Principle which I’m currently seeing all over now and plus I have bang envy).  I’m in love with this makeup too.  Maybe someone can do a Face Of The Day based on this?

No one can fade this man.  Get familiar, Eric Roberson.  Thank me later. 

Anyway, yes I’ve been ghost.  I’m sorry.  Happy holidays and all.  I’ll be back.  I just moved and I’m drowning in a pile of boxes, mistletoe, shea butter, and sale coupon codes for gifts I have yet to purchase.  Where do we go from here?  Wherever we want.

So, last week this time I was all atwitter trying to throw an outfit together.  I had some  help and some suggestions, I did alot of accessory shopping, and it finally all came together in a way that I was extremely happy with.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the good pictures yet but it’s only fair to give you what I have.  Plus you’re used to my bathroom pictures by now I hope.  Fret not though, all that will soon change.  Don’t leave me yet!  Anyway, here are the steps that I took to my perfect semi-formal outfit. 

black tie dresses

Step One:  I really wanted to wear this green dress…especially when I saw the green accents on this Anthropologie Ranculus necklace!  Alas, unless I was going to stuff my bra, it’s just not working for me.  I will be offering this dress up to someone else (holler if you’re interested) very soon.  It’s just not for me and I hate water/extra padded bras and socks and tissues are just too embarassing.  One day I may put some Ds on this sitch but not anytime soon. 

Step 2: Kept the golden accessories and changed my dress.  It was cool but I really didn’t like how the necklace sits as I mentioned in this Anthropologie necklace review post.  I would have been adjusting it all night long!

Step 3:  Switched up the accessories.  Another Anthropologie necklace- Stormy Sea, black patent leather high pumps, silver clutch.  I felt like I was close.  I felt very Audrey-esque especially with the shoes.  But I felt like I could kick it up a notch and I had just the shoes to do it.

Step 4: Yup!  Let’s go!  These platform sandals were so comfortable too.  I can’t wait to wear them again.  Better pictures coming soon.  For now this is the best that I can do of the sandals.

black tie shoes

Okay, so everyone’s all about statement necklaces and after searching high and low- Anthropologie is really the best place doing it right now. If you are near a brick-and-mortar you should definitely take a stroll in there. They have alot of good statement necklaces on sale at great prices in addition to the ones we can see online. I’m going to talk about the two necklaces that I took home for a trial run with the last minute outfit that I had to put together last week.

First up is the Ranuncula Necklace, currently $42 at Anthropologie. It’s really just as beautiful in person and it has little green beading detail inside the flowers that you really cannot see online. It hangs as it says and would look lovely with a myriad of looks. My only issue is that on me it would not lay flat at all! The two middle flowers bunched up and were really bothersome to me. If you can get past that and aren’t as persnikety as I am, I’d highly suggest this necklace. You can definitely dress it up and down. I tried it on with a tank, cardigan and jeans and then with a lovely, silk strapless dress. I’ll show this dressed-up version in my next post.


anthro floral necklace


Okay, the other necklace that made it home with me was the Stormy Sea Necklace, currently $48 at Anthropologie. The internet started going nuts after this necklace after it was worn by contestant Sweet Pea on Project Runway. It’s very beautiful and bold and comes in tons of great colors. I really LOVE the yellow one best but the grey one not featured online is the most versatile to me. I felt it also better suited the aesthetic that I was going for at my event. I personally would only wear this with dresses but I can see someone else rocking it for leisure as well. I adored this necklace but it kind of made me self-concious. It received tons of compliments but I guess I am not a statement necklace girl. Please don’t let that discourage you because this necklace is absolutely fabulous, well-made and gorgeous! Act fast though!


anthro glass necklace

I’m back, I’m sorry, I know. I have a bunch of posts to push publish on but I have a fashion emergency that I need some help with and not alot of time. Tomorrow (yes, I did type tomorrow and I found out yesterday) I will be attending an event that from what I can force out gather from my lovely companion is somewhere between black tie and cocktail. Yeah, for a chick that can mean many, many things. My top choice dress is from last year’s Prom Party buuuuuuuuuuut cannot be found so unless I can unearth it, here are my options. Help me!


The only thing I want to buy are accessories so here are some that caught my eye. I’m wearing my hair up in a lowchignon with a side swoopish bang. Think this Michelle Williams picture but way less artfully-messy. Anyway, see some hair jewelry. I don’t know why these headbands are calling me but they are.

accessories- hair

A. Chiffon Rose, $15 at White House|Black Market
B. Serpentine Shimmer Headband, $32 at Anthropologie
C. Teavaro Headband, $18 at Anthropologie
D. Bejeweled Orchid Hairclip, $18 at Banana Republic

If I did something for the hair I’d definitely nix these necklaces that I was loving. As you can see I’m really into floral in either light and ethereal or as a statement. No matter if I do a hair piece or a bold necklace, I’m wearing studs and maybe a thin bracelet if it calls for it. But yeah, I’m back…I need you…talk to me, man!

accessories- necklaces

A. Mercurial Crochet Necklace, $128 at Anthropologie (yes, I’m just daydreaming because I am *NOT* buying this)
B. Red Label Triple-Strand Flower Necklace, $35 at NY and Company
C. Bonheur Necklace, $58 at Anthropologie
D. Stormy Sea Necklace, $48 at Anthropologie
E. Ranuncula Necklace, $42 at Anthropologie
F. Doodled Curls Necklace, $58 at Anthropologie


I’ve been out doing girly things with two lil princesses that I kidnapped for the week, so The Homie- Margarita Mary is gonna take over today. She is a big Aldo freak fan so this is the perfect introduction for her…ENJOY! See ya next wk.

Hello there to all you of in blog land! The Mixmaster has invited me to
guest blog today about the wonderful sale going on at ALDO now through August 4th. Big
ups to Budget Chic for posting about this.

I’m a frequent ALDO shopper and while most of their shoes are marked down
eventually, they have never EVER had markdowns on this scale at these
prices. There are all kinds of styles for cheap so head on over there and
get you some shoes! Oh and be sure to use the code “VIPOFFER” for free
shipping. I already ordered 3 pair for the low low price of $65.

Below are some of my favorites.


Clockwise from top left:
Firiesol – $34.99
Fororssa – $19.99
Fanulanu – $34.99
Miriello – $19.99

Here are a couple of tops from Urban Outfitters’ Last Chance Sale that you can get for the price of that greasy slice of pizza you just ate for lunch. I think the shirt is better for you, FYI. All of these cuties are just $5. Yes, I said $5.


So I’m currently rocking big hair and big hair begs for big earrings. Well or small ones but that’s another post. This post is about a crafty chica whose HANDMADE earrings caught my attention while messing around on Twitter (add me). La Bella Bijoux has some pretty funky and original jewelry on her etsy site. I’m partial to her earrings. I’m trying to decide which of these four should go home with me. I wish I would have found out about her sooner because I could surely used a pair of her earrings this weekend. Ah well…next time, Gadget. Either way, check the lady out. Let me know what you think. Here are my favorites. It’s pretty obvious that I was thinking of the mango dress that I’m planning to wear this weekend when I made my picks…lol. Pictured earrings are from $12 to $14.

la bella bijoux