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Can’t wait til the week ends*!   Weekend Getaway- not just the title of a sultry, beautiful song by the uber-talented Eric Roberson (get familiar!).  While if it was mine, it’d prolly get dirty fairly quickly…I’m loving this little chic, simple bag.  And JCrew’s having a 20% off sale using code EXTRA20, so this listed price is even lower. 

*I know it’s only Monday but I know you understand!


I know, I know…where have you been?  What’s on sale, girl?  Who got it for cheap?  I wish I could tell you but I’m currently on a 21 day financial fast and I’m not supposed to be looking at shopping sites or perusing any stores for anything but necessities.  Now I won’t lie and tell you I’ve been a good girl all the way through but I definitely tried.  I did okay so I might have to try this again but I did realize something about myself.  I won’t buy a $1300 purse but I will spend $50 here and $100 dollars there and not even realize how I just nickel-and-dimed myself out of $1300.  No more! 

Thanks to a great blogger, Ms. Serenity23 and her band of merry maidens I now know alot more about my spending habits and therefore have the insight to fix them.  Follow along on the last few days or catch up to see how different women have felt about different chapters in the book we’re reading.  You may not think you need it because I sure didn’t but it’s definitely worth a gander.

As I said, I haven’t been 100% faithful as I took a little trip to Marshalls you know cuz I…. uhm…had to ….cuz ….like it suddenly got extremely hot and I was wearing a wool sweater and I needed a lighter shirt.  That’s an emergency, right?  Anyway, while running through the store with laser-like focus on making it to the clearance shirt section and NOWHERE ELSE….I saw that Rachel Roy purse that I was coveting awhile back

I cannot lie and tell you that I did not pick the purse up.  I also held and caressed it.  I also put it on my shoulder and looked in the mirror.  I may have even walked around the store with it for a few moments.  Then as I was about to put it back I noticed that it was $40.  Friends, that’s a $90 discount.  Friends, that’s like 70% off.  I cannot lie and tell you that I did not immediately put that purse in my cart.  Then I thought about all of the other ladies fasting looking down on me all disapproving-like with mean glares and I put it back.  Then I went back and picked it up again.  You know, just to touch it one more time.  Then I took a picture and then….I left it there. 

What has the world come to?  I’m not a saint though because I will also not lie and tell you that I left the store with just one shirt…lol but I did put that purse back.  And I feel good about it.  Even as I look at this picture.  10% of me hopes it’s there if I ever go back to the store when this fast is over.  Okay, I’m lying 25% and I am going back.  Baby steps.

So, my apartment is basically a blank slate.  I’ve been contemplating forever and a day about what curtains to hang up and I want something bright and cheery that will bring some color into my muted, earthy palette.  I fell in love with Etsuko Furuya’s Bird To Hang fabric and just knew it would be take my decor over the edge.  Then I looked at the price tag…I’m not gonna be able to do it (c) Double XX Posse.  It’s around $17 bucks per yard and I wouldn’t even want to pay the price to make a pillow out of it…LOL! 

Anyway, I lamented a bit, felt all sorry for myself and would sometimes take a look at the pattern to try to convince myself that it was worth the price.  Well I’m surely not there yet but I found the next best thing…if I can’t put it in my living room, why not put it on my shoulder.  Where else did I find these lovely, handmade creations but Etsy.  Enjoy!

Oh and a peak at my blank slate.  Someone please shame me into actually doing something about this…lol.

Does anyone have a navy bag?  I don’t and I can’t imagine how I’d wear one but this one is very fly.  Great size, great detail- a little whimsical but not too much…the navy helps with that.  Still though, a navy bag?  Hmmmmm…

Oh yeah, again from Anthropologie.  Their bags are usually extremely high-priced for my personal tastes so I’m glad to see them knocking down those dollars!

Look at the price.  Look at the bag.  Look back at the price.  Look back at the bag.  Thank me later.  Or rather, thank Anthropologie.

Okay, yeah…this is like a Yay or Nay and a This or That in one.  I looooooove the style of these Sweet Pea dresses (and the price) but I’m so not feeling the print.  I feel the same way about these Oryany Wendy Clutches though I’m way more into the top silver/gold one…but I can see how the other could work.  So Yay or Nay and This or That?  Who knows.  Oh, both are a little over fifty bucks at $51 and $52, respectively.

If you can’t see this links, you might have to sign up for Ideeli.  You don’t have to buy.  The browsing is fun.

I loves me some Rachel Roy. Now it wasn’t always a love affair as she has definitely made some questionable fashion choices (Hammer pants, Dame Dash…lol) but no matter what risks she takes, she is always polished and lady-like. Her love of dresses and her feminine flair mixed with clean yet urban details really sets her apart and makes her tops on my style mavens’ list. I actually plan to feature her soon as a Top Shelf Chick, something I’d like to do more of on this blog.

Back to the subject, Rachel now has a line of items that I can actually afford. To me the accessories are the stars of the show, mainly the shoes and the bags. Here are some that I thought we’d all enjoy.

A. Wanderlust Clutch, $69
B. Woven Python Tote, $129
C. Purfe Hobo, $89
Oh, dude…all these bags are 20% off the listed prices right now!

D. Nadia Sandal, $109  I really want this one badly.
E. Sloane Wedge, $76
F. Elise Peep Toe, $109

First, let’s get this out of the way…this Shabby Apple 90 Words Per Minute Dress is mine. I’m buying it and I don’t wanna hear anything from my sub conscious about how I’m not really supposed to be buying anything. Sub Conscious, shut up…Conscience, you too. It’s only $64.

Anyway, Shabby Apple is an awesome site that has always had lovely dresses that you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear around your grandmama that are definitely fabulous and fly all at the same time. This first one reminds me a bit of an Anthropologie dress from a year or two ago but it’s even doper because it has mini CAP SLEEVES. I think this is going to be my Easter dress. Yes, I still get Easter dresses. Fret not, I no longer get the matching London Fog coat and patent leather mary janes though.

A. Sheep Meadow, $88
Coming to an Easter church service near you, very soon.
B. Mary Jane Watson, $79
If I had this dress on, I wouldn’t even let anyone talk to me. Seriously, I would just stand around looking hot and haughty.
C. Nine To Five, $62
I would rock this from 9 to 5 and from 5 to whenever I felt like not showing off anymore.
D. Slate, $78
First, it’s grey and it’s shiny and it has rufflage and buttons and a lil belt? Come on!

But yeah…speaking of mary janes, Shabby Apple also has some neat accessories. Check them out here. Has anyone shopped here before?

A. Bergamo Pump, $159  I adore this funky lil mary jane.
B. Jenny Choo Pump, $140  Love that heel and the button frill.
C. Sweet As Candy Flat, $98  Stripes, Sheen, Fleurs? Love it!
D. Studded Tote, $107  Great as an everyday but surely not boring.

A few that caught my eye…

A. Grey Double-Zip Bag, $99
B. Gold Canvas Metallic Bag, $79
It’s pretty cute in silver, too.
C. Elliot Lucca Isla Bucket Hobo in Cayenne, $149
D. Elliot Lucca Zafra Double Handle Hobo in Cognac,$149

Okay, I don’t need anything but more energy to continue purging my excessive amount of items but the Need Supply Company is making me really need want some new jewelry pieces. I’m not a super big accessories person but come on, these are fun and fabulous! They are also well worth the price to get in on this statement jewelry trend and not feel like you’re wasting money on something that won’t be dope next year. They are all pretty classic as well without going overboard and feeling like a trend beast. My favorite is the first one, the Three Piece Collar but the Infinity Necklace and Big Stone Collar are nice pieces as well.

need supply jewelry

Also, check out this fly lil military-style jacket, $58 and this great bag, $68. This site is awesome!

need supply