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I like to update my bedding in the Fall and then the Spring for a change of scenery so of course I’m browsing Hautelook and I see a bunch of nice bold duvet sets for only $60.  In my mind, I’ve already bought all of these.  Back here in reality land, I don’t need it but maybe you do!  All bedding by City Scene and the full/queen sets are the previously-mentioned low price of $60 and the kings are the same price.  Enjoy! 


Okay, yeah…this is like a Yay or Nay and a This or That in one.  I looooooove the style of these Sweet Pea dresses (and the price) but I’m so not feeling the print.  I feel the same way about these Oryany Wendy Clutches though I’m way more into the top silver/gold one…but I can see how the other could work.  So Yay or Nay and This or That?  Who knows.  Oh, both are a little over fifty bucks at $51 and $52, respectively.

If you can’t see this links, you might have to sign up for Ideeli.  You don’t have to buy.  The browsing is fun.

It’s Spring Again!!  I mean not yet but soon, okay.  Supposedly in my  neck of the woods it’s going to rain.  How serendipitous is that Ideeli is having a great sale on Kenneth Cole trench (and other) coats today?  Every girl needs a basic, neutral-colored trench coat for their wardrobe.  It’s classic and it will last forever so it’s important that you pick a good one.  One that will flatter your shape, look good for your height, and compliment most of your wardrobe.  It’s in the details so while at first glance all these trench coats might look the same, pay close attention because they are all very different.  I’m all about the double-breasting and the belting on the first one. 

There are other coats on sale too and this lil black leather jacket is super duper fly.  I mean we can call this a basic, necessity too, right?  Work with me here!  LOL!  Okay, I’m really looking for a camel one so I’m going to just chill.   I’m loving this model by the way…she’s giving some fierce face!

They are practically giving clothes away today at Ideeli, son! It’s all that good basic stuff that you could totally layer and take in a bunch of different directions. These dresses below are so easy to just thrown on- adorned or unadorned and still look decent. I mean I can definitely toss one on and slide on some flip flops and slap in a quick bun and run out the door to maybe get some groceries. I could also don some nice flatties and some bangles and head to brunch or to chill in the park. I could put a cardigan over it and maybe even a belt and some wedges and look casual and cute at work or on a museum day date. Basically, you can do whatever you want in one of these. And they are all under $30. Come on, now! The first three are from the Michael Stars sale and the last two are from the LA Made sale.

I’m not sure who Eva Franco is but these dresses on Hautelook are BEAUTIFUL. I love them all. Peep some. If you don’t belong to Hautelook you can sign up here. I tried to narrow it down, but like I loved all of these.

You know I love a black dress. These have beautiful details on them and definitely make them stand out. So much so that you wouldn’t feel bad adding them to your black dress collection. You meaning me. LOL! This red dress is nice too. Definitely a classic.

These black/white/grey print dresses are really dope too. I cannot resist and I have been having a love affair with prints like these and greys for awhile now. You can peep this blog for evidence of that.

And then of course, here are the brighter prints. My favorite is this Olivia Dress in Gypsy Stripe in the middle. As you can see though, all of Eva Franco’s dresses are feminine, flirty, and slightly edgy. How can you resist?

Who actually makes this? 
Where can I find it elsewhere? 
Seen something similar? 

It’s the Editor In Chief Coat at Mod Shop but it has to be somewhere else, too. I hope.

I loves me some Rachel Roy. Now it wasn’t always a love affair as she has definitely made some questionable fashion choices (Hammer pants, Dame Dash…lol) but no matter what risks she takes, she is always polished and lady-like. Her love of dresses and her feminine flair mixed with clean yet urban details really sets her apart and makes her tops on my style mavens’ list. I actually plan to feature her soon as a Top Shelf Chick, something I’d like to do more of on this blog.

Back to the subject, Rachel now has a line of items that I can actually afford. To me the accessories are the stars of the show, mainly the shoes and the bags. Here are some that I thought we’d all enjoy.

A. Wanderlust Clutch, $69
B. Woven Python Tote, $129
C. Purfe Hobo, $89
Oh, dude…all these bags are 20% off the listed prices right now!

D. Nadia Sandal, $109  I really want this one badly.
E. Sloane Wedge, $76
F. Elise Peep Toe, $109

Yeah, I’m so adoring this hairstyle from the previous Shabby Apple post. You will see it on me soon. Prolly this weekend…lol. I just have to figure out how to get it right and buy more bobby pins where the tips aren’t stripped bare to the metal…lol.

First, let’s get this out of the way…this Shabby Apple 90 Words Per Minute Dress is mine. I’m buying it and I don’t wanna hear anything from my sub conscious about how I’m not really supposed to be buying anything. Sub Conscious, shut up…Conscience, you too. It’s only $64.

Anyway, Shabby Apple is an awesome site that has always had lovely dresses that you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear around your grandmama that are definitely fabulous and fly all at the same time. This first one reminds me a bit of an Anthropologie dress from a year or two ago but it’s even doper because it has mini CAP SLEEVES. I think this is going to be my Easter dress. Yes, I still get Easter dresses. Fret not, I no longer get the matching London Fog coat and patent leather mary janes though.

A. Sheep Meadow, $88
Coming to an Easter church service near you, very soon.
B. Mary Jane Watson, $79
If I had this dress on, I wouldn’t even let anyone talk to me. Seriously, I would just stand around looking hot and haughty.
C. Nine To Five, $62
I would rock this from 9 to 5 and from 5 to whenever I felt like not showing off anymore.
D. Slate, $78
First, it’s grey and it’s shiny and it has rufflage and buttons and a lil belt? Come on!

But yeah…speaking of mary janes, Shabby Apple also has some neat accessories. Check them out here. Has anyone shopped here before?

A. Bergamo Pump, $159  I adore this funky lil mary jane.
B. Jenny Choo Pump, $140  Love that heel and the button frill.
C. Sweet As Candy Flat, $98  Stripes, Sheen, Fleurs? Love it!
D. Studded Tote, $107  Great as an everyday but surely not boring.

A few that caught my eye…

A. Grey Double-Zip Bag, $99
B. Gold Canvas Metallic Bag, $79
It’s pretty cute in silver, too.
C. Elliot Lucca Isla Bucket Hobo in Cayenne, $149
D. Elliot Lucca Zafra Double Handle Hobo in Cognac,$149