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loft sale

loft sale2

So Ann Taylor Loft is offering 40% off of all sale items. Yitidee! The two above sale items reminded me of items that I already have in my closet and love to death (especially this cardigan). Some people don’t like the store or may think they’re too young for it but I get alot of well-made basics here that last and last. Here are a few other items that’d be a great addition to any closet. Enjoy the sale page!

loft sale3



Help me pick my costume! I’m leaning towards the 70s Hippie Chick. I just need an afro and some bangles and some big earrings. I already have a cool 70s leather coat that my granny gifted me with several yrs ago. I would be apart of a matching duo costume and get to do the bump with my date all night long. Woohoo! If this doesn’t work though it’s not hard to put my hair in a bun with some chopsticks and use the Geisha Girl #2 costume because let me be honest, I’m not wearing #1 at all. Not doing it. What do you think though? Y’all have come through before…so let’s get it!

dress of the day2

I can see this JCREW dressy jersey ruffle-neck dress brightening up a dreary winter day under a dark colored boyfriend cardigan and toughened up with some boots. It’s only $50 and you know it’s great for spring and summer too.


I’m getting so anxious about the winter time and pouring through boxes wondering how the hell I’m gonna stay warm this year. I know that I plan to buy some long johns, some more lined gloves, maybe another hat (as if I need one) but all of my coats for some reason are seeming inadequate. They’re cute, now but I don’t know how warm they are.

I’m sure this flurry of activity is all spurred by my desired to go buy myself the Triple Fat Goose that I never had as a youth but come on…doesn’t this look warm, man? It’s hard to find a puffy coat that doesn’t make you look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. It even has a hood. It’s part of the Lord And Taylor 15% off sale using the code “NOW” even though it’s already a sale price of $120. All discounts included this KENNETH COLE REACTION Long Quilted Walker Down Jacket can help me make it through the winter for just under $100. Who’s with me? LOL.

I’m thinking about jewelry again. Etsy is the perfect place to find a whimsical piece. I happened upon Chain Chain Chained’s shop and saw a few beautiful items for us to fawn over. As you can see, the prices are unbelievable.


I used to be a very avid thrifter long ago and sometimes I’ll pass a spot and my heart beats a little faster at the anticipation of The Great Bargain awaiting me hidden beneath piles and racks of crap. But uhm, I’m really kind of lazy and so uninterested in spending hours unearthing treasures at this point in my life. I do still appreciate a great bargain though and many of my closet staples happen to be happily thrifted. One day I’ll get back to it I hope because it is pretty fun to find that gem or spit-shine a cast-off into something captivating.

All this to say that one of my favorite stores is where a lovely young lady does the hard work for me and brings all the greatest thrifted goodies into her shop for all to peruse. Today my key pieces came from her shop. Take a gander. I’d share the name but I have to get permission from the fly mamacita who put me on first.

nifty thrifty

I’m so in love with this belt. It’s adjustable and the two silver pieces clamp in the front. And this coat? It fits like a glove and I just had to have it. And I’ve gotten a jillion compliments on it. I love the military feel and the hunter green color makes it all the more interesting to me. Are you Post-Thrift or are you still out there finding that gleaming needle in the hay stack yourself? If you haven’t done it before, there’s nothing like it!


So, Urban Outfitters is having a $39 dress sale. This Silence & Noise Bow Waist Dress is my favorite. Enjoy!

I love Anthropologie. If I could I would just move into their store and live happily ever after for the rest of my life. Okay, anyway- some people go into the store and skulk out because of their price point but my dears, do yourself a favor and make sure to peruse the sale section because it is pretty awesome. You may have to wait awhile but you will find a piece that’s worth your while and at a price you won’t mind spending. Here are a few items from their current sale that might encourage a click and cart. The last pic of of my last Anthropologie purchase. This cute lil $19.95 top that may be a part of my Halloween costume. I’m going as a hippie. Lol.


A. Brona Sweater Dress, $29.95
B. Sunlit Angles Sheath, $59.95
C. Garcon Jacket, $19.95
D. Blooming Bow Bag, $39.95
E. Checkered Step Flats, $29.95
F. This isn’t on the site anywhere but I scooped it from the brick-and-mortar. 70s/Hippie-ish enough? Uh this was a strictly Halloween-only purchase but don’t tell my closet that I cheated, okay?

So, one random day while hunting for the best deal on euro pillows and killing time on a lazy evening I happened into Kmart. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a really pretty dress. Yes, a really pretty dress from Kmart. While I did not buy that dress (as you know I have no reason buying another dress) I remembered that hey…sometimes Kmart actually does have decent stuff. I’ve gotten some great candles and throw pillows and the like out of there so I guess it’s not such a stretch to find a shirt or two. Anyway, last week while trying to get a memory card for my janky phone I was back in a Kmart again. I went over to the clothing section and tried on a few things.

kmart shirt 2

This THRE3 by U.S. Polo Assn. Women’s Ruffle Shirt, $20 is a nice little basic. It is very versatile and can be pretty much done any way you want. It’s comfy and cute.

Alright, I did not like this second shirt at all. It had alot of promise but I cannot imagine one body shape that this would look good on. The blousing effect at the bottom is really just too much. If you want to try it for yourself it’s the Attention Women’s Solid Pleated Shell Top, $17.

kmart trip

I cannot find this first dress online at all. The pintucking is adds some interest to this shift and it would look great belted and cardigan-ed up for now and then all on its own when we get back to Spring. I think this dress was like $30. I’m not too keen on that price point.

I saved the best for last. I absolutely loved this Attention Women’s Pebble Print Ruffle Shirt Dress, $30. It fit well. The fabric felt fine and it was decently well made. I adore this pattern and all the details and ruffly frills. I think someone should buy this dress. I didn’t but this is a steal. I have no room in my full-as-hell, still-not-cleaned closet.

Here are some other items from Kmart that you might want to try out on your own. Seriously, the next time you’re buying some paper towels and deodorant, think about browsing through the clothing section.

blue light special

A. I love the aubergine color of this blouse.
Route 66 Women’s Flower Crocheted Applique Top, $12

B. The details are really pretty on this one.
Attention Women’s Short Sleeve School Girl’s Blouse, $12.

C. Belted sheaths are my favorite kinds of dresses.
Attention Women’s Shirred Sheath Dress, $30

D. Totally an all season dress with a fun pattern.
Attention Women’s Cowl Neck Tie Waist Dress, $15

dress of the day

Super cute. Throw a cardigan over it and wear it now. Get lots of wear out of it in the Spring and Summer too. The best part? It’s only $34 at Lord And Taylor. SPENSE Drape-Sleeved Empire-Waist Dress, holla at it.