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More flats for you, this time from Urban Outfitters in that nouveau gladiator style that is going to be oh so popular this spring and summer. How are your toes looking? Yeah, mine too.

A. Sunset Hurache Sandal, $38

B. Suede Fringe T Strap Sandal, $28

C. Snake Print T-Strap Sandal, $38


Now about two years ago my poor achy arches could not stand heels of any height and I went on a hard, exhausting search for flats and came up so short! But let’s get to the good part…the flat drought is over and there are so many cute ones out there of so many colors and styles. Right now I’m featuring Lord and Taylor not only because that’s my favorite dept store but because they are offering 20% off all shoes. So here’re my top three flat finalists.

A. Clarks, Korbin, $80

B. Steve Madden, Kelsi, $69

C. Jessica Simpson, Delmarco, $79

Your girl has been doing a few wknd jaunts and well I definitely need a better bag. This is adorable and caught my eye. What do yall think? Could I even pack a good wknd’s worth in there though? Lol! It’s only $75 though.

Someone has got to buy this Norma Kamali all-in-one versatile dress. It’s amazing and cute and with the long sleeve *and* halter action, it is a definite not matter what the season. Of course it’s an extra small, so uhm I have no use for it but if this is you…rejoice and buy becuz even this $63 price cant be beat!

And this is just simple and sweet enough for me. Plus I dont have to take it off whenever I wanna rock a lil gold or have gold buttons. Yes, mismatched details do really bother me….quietly though today I do have on my normal silver necklace and studs and gold buckles on my boots.

Janna Conner, $66