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Head to toe (okay, not the earrings but *EVERYTHING* else)…I love it.  Garcelle is such a gracefully fly woman.  And she had one of the baddest wedding dresses I’ve ever seen.  Yes it was fictional but dammit she was killing it in that dress. 



Look at how fly he is in these first two pictures! My favorite song- Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.  Put that on anywhere and see what happens.  Rock on!   

Some days I get invited places last minute, some days I finally make up my mind to actually go somewhere last minute, some (MOST…let me keep it real) days I’m piddling around cleaning on the internet or something and before I know it, it’s 15 minutes before it’s time for me to go.  That’s when I pull out a Ready Roll.  That’s the dress that you can dress up or down, that doesn’t require ironing, that the right accessories can make it go from plain to pladow, that you know is there waiting for you to throw it on and run out of the house.  This could go in the Ready Roll collection for sure.  I’d prefer a much deeper purple but it’d do.  The Shine Elbow Puff Sleeve Dress is by Michael Stars and is currently on sale for $32 at Hautelook.  Do you have a Ready Roll dress or collection of dresses?


I really cannot decide here.  What do you think about this dress? 

hoffman cdc pencil dress

Okay, of course it’d be so much easier to justify in this cut but still the other one could possibly be done.  I’m trying to imagine it on my body but I’m still not sure. 

hoffman sj ballerina dress

Maybe it’s the color?  You decide.

hoffman cdc pencil dress2

Oh yes, the dresses are by Mara Hoffman seen on Billion Dollar Babes and the dresses are , $ 128, $130, and $128 respectively.

I love Cynthia Steffe. PERIOD.  Her clothes are classic yet feminine and the dresses work well for pretty much any silohuette.  If I’m in a rush, I know that I can quickly grab something of hers.  I can dress it up or down and do with it what I will.  I can usually always find something for a good price too much in line with what’s seen here at Gilt.  All dresses are $138.  Enjoy!


I couldn’t decide which of these Matt & Nat bags that I liked on Gilt more so here’s all three:


A.  Bauhaus Overnight Bag, $188
B.  Camden Shoulder Bag, $138
C.  Tracy Shoulder Bag, $128


Props to Dolce Vita for this cute, textured wedge called the Valencia.  I want it but I’m not paying $165 for it.  You might want to though.  It can definitely be worn with anything.

Are you a size 8?  Hurry over to Banana Republic and get this great LBD for only $45.  The Starburst Dress, front and back shown.

size eight

If you did like really, really, really care you’d put one of these washed leather Lesa Wallace bags under my pillow.  Funky yet classic and neutral.  It’s like calling to me.  Currently being sold on Billion Dollar Babes.


Okay that’s a lie because I’m more of a KORS gal but I’m really not upset at these Calvin Klein dresses up on Ruelala.