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Okay, I finally have the list of baskets done. I’ll post them for you below. Holiday Shopping season has kicked off. If you’re like me you either missed those crazy after Thanksgiving sales or came so late you didn’t get the slim pickings of those crazily priced items. I was trying for video game chairs for my nephews, couldn’t get it but hey to avoid all of that fighting I’ll pay full price. Yes, I saw some grown folks almost fight over a toy. Crazy times!

If you’ve looked at my page recently you’ll see that I’m in the process of updating it. Check out the “About” page! The other edits to the “Holiday Shopping” page and “Gift Baskets” page are coming soon.

Until then here are the available gift baskets- Take care!!!!!

Gingerbread Man, $10
Instant Vacation, $20
Sexy In The City*, $35
Gourmet Bath Goddess, $60
Chocolate Deluxe, $105

Perfect Gentleman, $20
Well Groomed, $65
Kept Man, $100

Get Well Soon, $25
Refresh And Renew, $45
4oz Wake Up! Salt Scrub
Make Your Own Basket, add $5
Snack Pack*, $10

Love Hangover Kit, $30
Romantic Night In, $40
Chocolate Deluxe, $105


Happy Days all. I hope you eat well and can take some time to appreciate what you are you blessed with no matter how “small”. I’m up putting the finishing touches on some desserts and just successfully made my first maple cream cheese frosting. Yay! I’m thankful that didn’t turn out to be the disaster I thought…lol.

I hope you’ll be thankful for these new Rum And Cake products. One of the most requested things was to add a cleanser and moisturizer to go with the popular specialty scrubs- Ginger Mojito Scrub and Sugar And Spice Scrub. So I did it and love the new soaps especially…I hope you will too along with the other new products *and* scents listed below and here: Let me know what you think!

Bronzing Body Gel
Crushed Cabernet Body Glow
Island Passion Body Cream
Chocolate Mousse Body Whip

By popular demand we have added accompanying products to our most requested gourmet specialty scrubs.

Heavenly Milky Body Whip
Sugar & Spice Body Bar Soap
Sugar & Spice Body Oil
Ginger Mojito Body Bar Soap
Ginger Mojito Body Oil

We’ve added the most popular items from The Truffle Collection to our permanent Specialty Product Line.

Chocolate Bliss Body Bar
Truffle Body Polish
Truffle Bath Treat
Mocha Shower Serum

We also have four new scents for you to use with our product line. This is your chance to try something new!

Almond Biscotti

So, last night and this morning I used two of my products in a nontraditional manner…with great results.

This morning as I do most mornings I used the Lip Wax to groom my eyebrows. Works better than eyebrow gel and it’s less to carry around in my purse. The results are great too. I wax and tweeze and sometimes get dry skin around my eyebrows and the Lip Wax is great for helping heal and moisturize the skin as well. And if you tweeze like me (I sometimes cut myself…lol) there may also be a bit of scarring and the Lip Wax definitely helps with fading and quickly healing those pricked bits. There’s cocoa butter, vitamin E, and aloe vera in the Lip Wax which gives it its wonderful properties. The same for Lip Conditioner too- just the Lip Conditioner has more sheen to it and well I prefer sheeny lips sometimes but not shiny brows…lol.

The other product? Well last night I finally began staining a table that I’d obsessively lightly sanded over the last few weeks (I know). And true to form there was stain all over my hands! It was hard to get out and I was not looking forward to walking around with sticky, Mahogany Cherry colored hands and had to think outside the box because soap and scrubbing was just *NOT* doing it. I spotted the Exfoliating Milk in my shower and I am happy to report that my hands are smooth and their natural color…lol. I love the Exfoliating Milk for an everyday gentle scrub. It’s a cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer in one so it’s great for me because I usually rush through my mornings.

Anyway, I hope this inspires you to look at some of the stuff in your household in a different way. It’ll cut back on shelf/purse space at the very least. It’ll also be a throwback to your mom using dish detergent as bubble bath in a pinch…lol.

Okay, I can say more. This is my crush. I love this man. Some of you unenlightened may say “Who is he?” I say get out from under that rock. He is the should-be star of “Noah’s Arc” on Logo- Gregory Kieth (yes, I spelled that correctly). He also raps and sings *swoon* some tracks for the show. Okay, okay….what does this have to do with Rum And Cake? Lol. A very lovely lady (talented writer too) who I came to know better through Rum And Cake who’s always been very encouraging and is one of my best customers met Mr. Sexy and made him take this picture. Who does that? She is so special! You know she got some free product (she loves Chocolate Decadence Body Butter and Green Tea Sugar Scrub) and you know this picture is gracing the wall in my workshop.

More pics of Mr. Kieth: (my favorite way to look at him) (I love this blogger but we may have to fight!) (personal favorite)
I would love to rub him down with some Fig Body Oil.

I love giving gifts, I love wrapping gifts, I love to see people appreciate gifts. I even love that shopping day right after Thanksgiving. I’m getting my lists ready now.

Right now I am neck deep in creating new RUM AND CAKE giftbasket ideas and itching to unveil some new concoctions. Roll them out all at once? Still thinking about it. Whatever I do it’ll be up by the weekend’s end.

Here’s a favorite from last year. Filled with Lavender scented and Sweet Dreams scented items.

I really liked how this Sexy In The City Cosmopolitan Deluxe Gift Basket came out. It gave me a chance to try out some new stamps. Check it out….