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Speaking of black dresses, check this Crepe Sheath Dress out on super sale at Ann Taylor Loft.  What more can you ask for really?  It is simple, classic, HAS POCKETS, and an interesting neckline. 

The previous post before this, “Buckle Up!“, has some great belts that you can pair it with to make it interesting.  If you look closely you’ll see the model wearing peep toe shoes and tights and I will with-hold my hatred of that trend for a later post. 

Let’s focus here though…this dress is a steal!  Also, this Long Gold Fringe With Studs Necklace also on sale at Ann Taylor Loft and would look great with it! 


Oh the things I do for my shopping addiction research!  I was browsing the aisles of my favorite place Anthropologie for knobs for a bureau of mine and out jumped the cutest, most adorable belt I’ve ever seen.  I just HAD to try this Blooming Trio Belt on and it did not disappoint.  I was strong-willed though and left it right in the store. 

Okay what really happened is I couldn’t decide between this one and a lovely deep purple, black, and grey one that isn’t on the website but may be in your local store.  Old Me would have bought both but I survived and I left empty-handed but I can’t stop thinking about these belts.  Someone HAS to buy one! 

Anyway, peep some other belts that have caught my eye lately.  There’s no better way to have a little fun with an old staple outfit than with a belt.   For me, you know that staple outfit is a black dress…lol.  Can’t you just see how any of these belts would spark up my black wrap dresses?  Let’s all sigh together now!

A. Anthropologie Brown Clasp Belt
B. NY&Co Distressed Stretch Belt (I’m partial to the grey one)
C. JCrew Skinny Patent Leather Belt* in Redwood
D. Anthropologie Transmissions Belt in Copper
E. NY&Co Multi Ring Stretch Belt
F. JCrew Silk Bouquet Sash* (I’m all about this Grey Mist but it also comes in all black)

*extra 20% off until Sunday, January 17th using code EXTRA20 for all Final Sale items.

I love these pillows on sale at Pottery Barn but how much more fab would they have been if the JOY pillow was instead a SOUL pillow??!!  Okay, I’m over it but I’m saying.  Anyway, Pottery Barn is having a hell of a sale so check the rest of the stuff out.   Oh and these pillows are only $15.


 For some crazy reason, DSW has decided to offer an extra 50% off of all clearance shoes.  I’m not about to argue with them and I suggest you don’t either.   Run, don’t walk.  A bunch of goodies are already sold out but these  Civico 10 Right Now Leather Riding Boots along with some other treats are still left.  The sale code is 50CLEAR and it’s good until Monday, January 28th.

I’m all about wedges right now but these really confuse me.  I love the color, I love details but I’m still not sold.  What do you think?  These Deena & Ozzy Woven Wedge Booties are brand spanking new to the pages of Urban Outfitters. 

These Roost Mop Slippers are the cutest, most  useful slippers ever!  As a person who likes to drip dry after a shower (rub yourself in oil/lotion while you’re still damp without toweling off and thank me later), these would definitely come in handy.  I wonder if I can also dust hardwood floors in them.  Lol!  Oh hush, you know you wanna try.  For only $20 with an extra 25% off at Neiman’s, one of us definitely should.

Okay, not really but this rug is calling me like Pookie to crack rocks.  I love the texture and in decor I’m so addicted to browns.  It looks so soft I really would give some thought to rolling around on it in the buff.  Anyway, you’ll see more of these posts because I just moved and I need to whip my apartment into shape!

Listen, I know.  I’ll be back.  I even have a great camera now (best Cashmas present ever that was immediately put to use!).  Woohoo!  But yes, Happy New Year.

Oh and this outfit?  Dress, $50.  Shoes, $55.  Bra, $8.  Stockings, $4.  Hat, Free.  Smile and one of the best New Year’s Eves Ever?  PRICELESS!