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From the fabulous Etsy, check out these darling French Oui or Non Earrings from Pomp And Plumage.  So adorable!


So my lovely cousin told me she’s tired of seeing $100 dresses on here.  I don’t know what she’s talking about but this post is right on time.  Today’s the last day of the $39.50 Dress Sale at Ann Taylor Loft.  The Loft always has really cute dresses and great sales so don’t sleep on them.  Anyway, this Empire Halter Dress is adorable and can be dressed up or down. 

I’m feeling these shoes to go with it.  And Barbara, these Dori Gladiators are only $50 and there’s a Friends And Family Sale going on at Lord and Taylor so rejoice, booboo!  Use code FRIENDS and get an extra 25% off nearly everything on their site (and there’s an in store coupon if you wanna see stuff in person).  Air kisses!

Oh you can accessorize with those cute Nason earrings from yesterday’s post.  That’s an under $100 outfit.  You’re welcome!

Once an aluminum can, maybe?  Now some pretty cute earrings.  Right?  Nason Earrings, seen at Turtle Dove Co.

First, let’s get this out of the way…this Shabby Apple 90 Words Per Minute Dress is mine. I’m buying it and I don’t wanna hear anything from my sub conscious about how I’m not really supposed to be buying anything. Sub Conscious, shut up…Conscience, you too. It’s only $64.

Anyway, Shabby Apple is an awesome site that has always had lovely dresses that you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear around your grandmama that are definitely fabulous and fly all at the same time. This first one reminds me a bit of an Anthropologie dress from a year or two ago but it’s even doper because it has mini CAP SLEEVES. I think this is going to be my Easter dress. Yes, I still get Easter dresses. Fret not, I no longer get the matching London Fog coat and patent leather mary janes though.

A. Sheep Meadow, $88
Coming to an Easter church service near you, very soon.
B. Mary Jane Watson, $79
If I had this dress on, I wouldn’t even let anyone talk to me. Seriously, I would just stand around looking hot and haughty.
C. Nine To Five, $62
I would rock this from 9 to 5 and from 5 to whenever I felt like not showing off anymore.
D. Slate, $78
First, it’s grey and it’s shiny and it has rufflage and buttons and a lil belt? Come on!

But yeah…speaking of mary janes, Shabby Apple also has some neat accessories. Check them out here. Has anyone shopped here before?

A. Bergamo Pump, $159  I adore this funky lil mary jane.
B. Jenny Choo Pump, $140  Love that heel and the button frill.
C. Sweet As Candy Flat, $98  Stripes, Sheen, Fleurs? Love it!
D. Studded Tote, $107  Great as an everyday but surely not boring.

Check out these beautiful necklaces by cute online jewelry boutique- Stella & Dot.  I love how the site categorizes these pieces into “Bold” and “Delicate” because sometimes you know exactly what you’re looking for.  Why was I looking?  To spice up a black dress, of course.

Speaking of black dresses, check this Crepe Sheath Dress out on super sale at Ann Taylor Loft.  What more can you ask for really?  It is simple, classic, HAS POCKETS, and an interesting neckline. 

The previous post before this, “Buckle Up!“, has some great belts that you can pair it with to make it interesting.  If you look closely you’ll see the model wearing peep toe shoes and tights and I will with-hold my hatred of that trend for a later post. 

Let’s focus here though…this dress is a steal!  Also, this Long Gold Fringe With Studs Necklace also on sale at Ann Taylor Loft and would look great with it! 

Oh the things I do for my shopping addiction research!  I was browsing the aisles of my favorite place Anthropologie for knobs for a bureau of mine and out jumped the cutest, most adorable belt I’ve ever seen.  I just HAD to try this Blooming Trio Belt on and it did not disappoint.  I was strong-willed though and left it right in the store. 

Okay what really happened is I couldn’t decide between this one and a lovely deep purple, black, and grey one that isn’t on the website but may be in your local store.  Old Me would have bought both but I survived and I left empty-handed but I can’t stop thinking about these belts.  Someone HAS to buy one! 

Anyway, peep some other belts that have caught my eye lately.  There’s no better way to have a little fun with an old staple outfit than with a belt.   For me, you know that staple outfit is a black dress…lol.  Can’t you just see how any of these belts would spark up my black wrap dresses?  Let’s all sigh together now!

A. Anthropologie Brown Clasp Belt
B. NY&Co Distressed Stretch Belt (I’m partial to the grey one)
C. JCrew Skinny Patent Leather Belt* in Redwood
D. Anthropologie Transmissions Belt in Copper
E. NY&Co Multi Ring Stretch Belt
F. JCrew Silk Bouquet Sash* (I’m all about this Grey Mist but it also comes in all black)

*extra 20% off until Sunday, January 17th using code EXTRA20 for all Final Sale items.

While the lines are always long, the store is always in disarray, and the music sucks, Forever21 usually has some cute accessories that makes venturing into the store less painful. The baubles and bling are always very reasonably-priced and definitely on-trend. It’s not going to be an heirloom to pass down to the next generation but you don’t need to worry about that, grandma has that covered.

So when you need to dress up an outfit right quick…don’t forget to check Forever21. You may have to wade through a bunch of nonsense but you’ll surely come up on a winner. Check these bangles that caught my eye. Also, I for one am glad that you can order stuff online and save yourself some trouble. I am currently in my black/grey period and these would definitely help brighten and funk it up a bit.

A. Metallic Spot Suede Bracelet, $6.80
B. Studded Bangle, $4.80
C. Metal Looped Cuff, $3.80
D. Twisted Knot Bracelet, $10.80

Okay, I don’t need anything but more energy to continue purging my excessive amount of items but the Need Supply Company is making me really need want some new jewelry pieces. I’m not a super big accessories person but come on, these are fun and fabulous! They are also well worth the price to get in on this statement jewelry trend and not feel like you’re wasting money on something that won’t be dope next year. They are all pretty classic as well without going overboard and feeling like a trend beast. My favorite is the first one, the Three Piece Collar but the Infinity Necklace and Big Stone Collar are nice pieces as well.

need supply jewelry

Also, check out this fly lil military-style jacket, $58 and this great bag, $68. This site is awesome!

need supply

Wow- I just spent a bunch of time perusing handmade goods paradise, Papersnitch and am in love! It’s like a smaller etsy I suppose and I found a bunch of lovely items but fell in love with these affordable, adorable pieces of jewelry. I definitely recommend taking some time to look at the talent on this site.


A. Vintage White Heart Earrings by Handmade Shoppe, $16
B. Pretty Petals Earrings by The Charm Lady Boutique, $8
C. A Might Brass Shield Earrings by Betsy and Iya, $35
D. Jade and Grey Flower Necklace by Frills and Fray, $39
E. Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet by South Paw Studios, $36
F. Sterling Silver and Crystal Rondelle Necklace by Kahili Creations, $30