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While the lines are always long, the store is always in disarray, and the music sucks, Forever21 usually has some cute accessories that makes venturing into the store less painful. The baubles and bling are always very reasonably-priced and definitely on-trend. It’s not going to be an heirloom to pass down to the next generation but you don’t need to worry about that, grandma has that covered.

So when you need to dress up an outfit right quick…don’t forget to check Forever21. You may have to wade through a bunch of nonsense but you’ll surely come up on a winner. Check these bangles that caught my eye. Also, I for one am glad that you can order stuff online and save yourself some trouble. I am currently in my black/grey period and these would definitely help brighten and funk it up a bit.

A. Metallic Spot Suede Bracelet, $6.80
B. Studded Bangle, $4.80
C. Metal Looped Cuff, $3.80
D. Twisted Knot Bracelet, $10.80


Someone asked me if I could have anything right now and money was no object, what it would be? I’m shoe-obsessed right now and then of course it’s winter so I’m all about coats. I’ve always wanted a Mackage coat…one day. And yeah, these shoes are divine! Who’s with me? You know one of these had to be mary janes as I have a very obvious sick obsession with them.

A. Manolo Blahnik Patent Leather Mary Jane- Black, $645
B. Valentino Couture Peep-Toe Pump, $745
C. Christian Louboutin Lady Page Velvet-Bow Pump, $995

D. Mackage Black Asymmetrical Zipper Belted Coat, $640

So adorable! I remember reading my mom’s old Spiegel catalogs as a wee lass and circling stuff that I thought was nice. I’d be folding pages to beautiful rooms and dreaming of the day that I could be a grown up and buy all that lovely stuff for myself…one sweet day! I think I’ll start with these? Only $120. I love that they’re flat and plain but the patent leather gives them that extra dimension of fresh.

I’ve never had any Victoria’s Secret shoes but these prices and these styles are really making me think twice. They also carry Two Lips and Naughty Monkey shoes who are two shoe companies who always have stuff that catches my eye. Anyway, of course I found flat boots and pumps that caused some pause. A two piece of each. Enjoy and let me know if you’ve had any success with VS shoes or clothes because now my interest is really piqued.


A. Triple Strap Pump, $49
B. Platform Pump, $49
C. Pointy Boot, $79
D. Riding Boot, $118

Oh and they’re having TWO sales. One, you save 20% on any one item using code SAVE20 by Monday. And two, you get $15 off a $100, $30 off a $150, $75 off a $250, $150 off a $500 or purchase using code FALL09.


Who in the world is going to wear these? And how? And why? I’ve experienced baggy stocking unfortunately and uhm it’s nothing I’d plan to do on purpose. And it’s made by Wolford? Word? Huhn, man? I am just not seeing something?

boots madden

I think these are the perfect, classic pair of brown flat leather knee boots. Since I just found some in my closet that keeps on giving, I cannot indulge but do tell me if you do. They’re the Gental by Steve Madden and only $91. I will try not to be jealous since I did just find some of my own.

While this weather can’t quite make it’s mine, I think this current chill is going to stay for awhile and winter is about to make his big debut. Are you ready? I’m still in love with my latest coat I cannot act like these lovely little coats from ModCloth are not calling my name. I think I’m drawn most to the Anastacia but that could be because I’m bracing myself for all the wind and snow. If you don’t have one yet though, everyone needs a classic black coat like The Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff in her closet. Either one of these coats would be a great addition to any coat closet because they seem warm enough to keep the chill off but still cute enough to make these icy sidewalks seem like catwalks.

The first group are the longer coats and the second group and the slightly shorter, yet still warm jackets. Enjoy! All of course would look adorable with the stiched goodies I put up last week.

modcloth long coats

modcloth short coats

bedroom bed

I would definitely like to go back to bed right now. Most likely I’d just plop down and not even move all of these pillows. Wait, I’d need to move these pillows so I can burrow up underneath my covers, pull them to my chin, and sink deep down and drift off into some soft, billowy dreams. Soon. Anyway, yes…this is my bed. And yes, I need all of those pillows. Heehee.

Yes, there is alot of boot love going on but come on…it’s boot season.  I was obsessing over the perfect grey pair last month and I still have the fever!  Here’s a low-heeled grey that caught my eye recently- Modcloth’s Christabel Boot, $85.   I’m still stanning for grey jackets too.  Discussed here in case you missed it.

boot modcloth crystabel

my two styles

This picture of Tracee Ellis Ross and Fatima Robinson (OMG thanks hyp) is old but I feel it illustrates the two sides of my fashion personality.  Years ago a lovely chica defined my style as Urban Audrey (as in Hepburn) and I think she pretty much got it right.  While I love frills and dresses and pearls, I am also very much into structure and edge and a bit of hip kitsch.  So somewhere in between the fancy girl and the fly girl is where I hope I’ll always lie, definitively Urban Audrey- straddling the line between girly and gritty.

As you see, I couldn’t wait to wear these boots.  I’ve been living in them practically.

wayw out