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Maggy London, son. This label is on 3 out of 4 of my Go To Dresses. These are dresses that look good on my when I’m fluctuating btwn 3 sizes, when I’m in a rush, and can be dresses up or down. If I’m packing, one of these dresses goes in the satchel. If I cant find anything to wear, I’m wearing one of these dresses. If I need to buy something in a rush without trying anything on, I look for Maggy London. The styles I have are classic and have lasted me for more than a few years without dating themselves. I wear them to brunch with flip flops, to work and church with heels, to weddings with glistening accessories- I can take them anywhere.

I don’t know the history of this label but they do know how to accentuate a woman’s body…especially if you are smaller on the top than you are on the bottom. Most of her dresses do the cinch or empire waist, fit very well and look great. I also have a Cynthia Howie dress in my Go To Collection but I think this is a fluke cuz everything else I see is for lil old ladies (NTTAWWT). Anyways, if you’re in your favorite department store and cant find *ANYTHING* go on and try one on for size.

A. This is the style most similar to what my dresses look like.

B. I can really see myself in this one. You can dress this up and down for sure.

C. This may be my favorite. I can throw this on to hang out for the day with some flip flops and go many many places and with a change of shoes (I’m thinking silver and high) be ready to party.

D. I am so in love with this sweet, simple dress. Someone buy it! I’m too clumsy for white.

PS. I have seen at least two of these cheaper on Amazon but their pics arent as great. And here’s a cute lil graphic, trapeze dress for 60 bucks: The model for this isn’t the best but dont let that stop you from rocking this.

Yeah, so it’s taken me awhile to update. Do know though that I’ve been in these streets promoting my dressdressdress agenda. It’s really been all about wrap dresses and low-heeled sling backs for work and flip flops for play. In a bad-packing emergency I did not have a wrinkle-free item to pull out of a hastily-filled suitcase so I had to purchase something on the fly. Yeah, I know…I’m not supposed to be shopping. I had to though! Lol. Anyways, I purchased a dress similar to the B option shown below. The fabric is a patterned olive green and it really has a great fit and does great things to accent waists and breasts. I do recommend y’all pick one up. I got a great deal at Macy’s. And I got compliments on my ensemble all night in each random venue I ended up in- including an open bar fundraiser, “upscale” chain restaurant, underground hip hop bar, and train station.

Back to the topic though: here are a few dresses that caught my eye this month and where you can pick em up listed below. Enjoy!
A- Anne Dress – $120, Mignonette at
B- Matte Jersey Dress – $93, Nine West at
C- Jersey Trapeze Dress – $340, Development at
D- Nefe Dress – $130, Mignonette at
E- Burnout-Leaf Empire Dress – $130, Maggy London at
F- Denise Silk Wrap Dress – $141, Calypso at

And a word about Mignonette because I had the privilege of seeing their work at a fashion show/shopping party. LOVE IT! Small, indy designer with beautifully, handmade dresses. Be sure to check them out.

Oh and does anyone know what happened with GIRLSHOP??????????????????