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I can’t even remember the last time I had a backpack.  I do recall wishing that my heavy purse had a backpack option though.  I never really saw one that didn’t look like I should be on a yellow school bus or my local college campus until today when I laid eyes on The Phoebe Bag By Junior Drake Bags.   I love that you can rock it like a pocketbook (country folks, holla) or a knapsack depending on how you feel and what’s in it.  It’s featured over at the massive Karmaloop sale but it’s still $190 so you know damned well I’m not buying it but don’t let that stop you.  Look at that caramel-y color.  Come on!


Well, I don’t really wear gold but sometimes an outfit calls for it. If it’s gold for me, it’s a piece with some interest. Looks like Elizabeth Cole to the rescue. Her pieces are definitely fun. Enjoy!


You know you need to stop collecting those plastic bags and putting them underneath your sink, you crazy person.  Just get a few of these cute, easily compactly folded, sturdy shopping bags and drop them in your purse or your glove compartment to pull out for your next shopping excursion.  For only $6 each at ModCloth, how can you  not?


A. Flashing Brights version.
B. Cutesey version.
C. Granola Crunchy version.


This  Treesje “Asher” purse at Ideeli should be mine.  $287.  That is all.


I’m late but there’s a Puma sale on Ruelala.  These are the last pair of cute kicks left.  They’re only $45 so get up on it.  You’re cool enough, don’t fret.


I am lusting after this origami-ed out, silk emerald dress from Banana Republic.  This color would definitely pop on any complexion and I’ve been seeing it all over.  As you see, Ms. Wendy Raquel Robinson rocked it well.  Focus on the dress and just the dress.  And if you have a spare $200 in your pocket, if you really love me…you can buy me this BR one.

Yum Yum Yum…gimme some!  Look at these gorgeous, flowy gowns.  Definitely a little funky but definitely great flow and shape.  Just makes me want to twirl around in circles like I was 10 again.  Okay, I still twirl…I know you do too.   And yes, you’re going to drop a couple of hunnies on these.  These are at Nordrstrom and by ABS, Aidan Mattox, and Kay Unger respectively.


Okay, more from Banana Republic and its sister stores- Gap and Old Navy.  This time a few jackets and tops that caught my eye.  Uhm, I just noticed the color scheme of red, black, and grey- my signature colors.  I have a sickness, man.  I wasn’t even trying.  Help meh!


I hate how this first sweater coat is styled.  It really doesn’t belong with this dress.  Maybe a solid black, more shapely dress would look nice but I’d most likely do this with a pair of skinny jeans, a tank, and some flats.  It’s only $50.   This second swing jacket would get alot of wear from me I’m sure.  It would pretty much go over any and everything.   For only $20, you can buy the taupe one too…lol.  This last peacoat is a nice, light jacket that would definitely help make it through these Spring showers and hail storms.  Another item that costs $20 so you can also think about the teal one or the yellow one.  Not for you of course but as a gift for someone else.  Now for the tops…


These are just a few flattering swing tops.  Maybe you don’t have your summer six pack ready (LOL).  It’s okay, these casual tops have lots of interest at the top and on the sleeves to draw the eye up to your lovely face and collarbone/clavicle action plus the shirts are slightly a-line which allows for you to continue to enjoy those yeast rolls at the Golden Corral.  Oh is that just me?  Fine then!  These shirts from JCrew, Banana Republic, and Old Navy respectively.  Please appreciate this use of color…lol.

aka Three Dresses: one for Work, one for Weekend, one for a Wedding (or another special occassion).  Enjoy!


As an bonus, I’ll also post three more weekend dresses found at Banana Republic and her sister sites- Gap and Old Navy.  There are so many cute springy and summery dresses out that at decent prices that it’s kind of ridiculous at this point.


Okay so one of the reasons that I love these boutique-like, sample sale-ish sites is because they hip me to new designers.  Today, thanks to Hautelook I discovered Julie Haus.  I am really loving her girly yet classic style.   I’m still obsessed with bows so you know I was loving that aspect but she’s done them in a way that is not saccharin and girly. It’s girly with structure and a bit of edge.  Anyway, check these three dresses for a perfect Three Dubs: Work, Weekend, Wedding post up.  This purple work dress is giving me primo prim and proper, I’m loving the sass of this denim weekend dress, and this silk black number would have me subtly killing them at many cocktail events.


Then, take a look at what is pretty much the perfect pair of pants.  Come on, check the wide leg and the pleating and buttons. You can wear this with a tshirt for relaxation, a nice cardigan for work, and a sultry sleeveless number for a night out.  Did I mention that they are only $59 bucks?  Someone has *GOT* to buy these pants…seriously. 


Finally, I am so loving the cut of this dress but I can’t make up my mind on it because I am not a fan of animal print.  It doesn’t totally bother me so I can’t call this dress ugly but I can’t say for sure that I’d wear this dress or not frown at someone with it on.  Yay or nay?  Those shoes really aren’t helping.  Either way though, Julie Haus is definitely someone that I’m going to keep an ear and eye out for.