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It doesn’t really count if I used a gift card I don’t think.  I had to get rid of it because it’s going to expire in a few weeks.  It satisfied my hankering for plaid and red/black in one fell swoop.  By the way, Ann Taylor Loft is having a 30% Off Friends And Family Sale using code FRIENDS08.  I’d like to thank Tracy for letting me get my happy, hot hands on the code because that money on the gift card might’ve expired if I wasn’t reminded about it.  I even have money leftover but there’s much less on it that I can hopefully use on some more of these boot socks that I also copped once I find out how they rate.  I mean I didn’t buy what I really, really am fiending for so *and* I didn’t spend any money.  I’m going to call this a fair one.  Lol.  I still feel guilty so most likely I’m just gonna give the coat to my mom for Christmas.  Luckily we’re like the same size.  I’m keeping the socks though!


Sometimes shopping in the junior’s section is just the bump your closet needs. Let them know that you know how to mix it up and your bootie is bumping (unlike these models…lol)! Here are some jeans that you might find in your little sister’s, daughter’s, or baby cousin’s closet that would work better for you. Plus with these junior’s prices you can cop all of them with no worries.


A. Peekaboo Taupe Skinny Jeans, $49
Okay, yes they’re Dereon but they are so sexy and the right amount of gaudy. Of course it needs to paired with something plain. I’d go with a black turtleneck and some black booties.

B. Creased Trouser Jeans, $36
Everyone should own a pair of dark trouser jeans. They go from Casual Fridays to weekend wear to a night out. What I like about the junior’s version is that they fit tighter in the hips and thighs and the exaggerated wide legs.

C. Grey Acid Wash Skinny Jeans, $34
This is another pair that go great with a plain black shirt and I really like this model’s shoes. You can even funk this one up even more since they’re pretty plain aside from the wash.

D. Classic Acid Wash Skinny Jeans,$40
Now I’m old enough to have worn these the first time they came around but now I don’t have pimples and know better than to roll the cuffs and put them on with some Keds. Ha! If only they made truly skinny jeans then. Uh the model’s shoes are so not working for me. There’s such a thing as being too 80s.

*I really don’t even know what a bust-it-baby is but it cracks me and makes me very sad all at the same time.

If you’re anything like me you’re probably just starting to put away that Summer/Fall transition wear. But before you put everything in that plastic bin make sure you can’t wear it well into Winter. Depending on the item, you might want to give it back its coveted space in your closet. You might even spot some winners in the clearance section of your favorite store. Pick them up and wear them now, you don’t have to hide them until old man winter leaves us be! Oh, yes I’ve noticed how I’m drawn to black, white and red…I’m currently seeking help- don’t worry.


A. Floral Print Turtleneck, $8 (yes…..and it’s actually $7.50)
I always have to make sure to dress in layers because I never know what temperature my office is going to be. This looks great under a suit or with a cardigan and a black skirt or pants. If anyone really paid attention to what I wore at work I probably wear the same black pants at least once a week. Pairing it with cute tops definitely outshines the fact that I frequently have on the same pants and pencil skirt.

B. Striped Square-Neck Topper, $11
This would definitely be paired with my aforementioned black skirt and pants with either a black turtleneck or black long sleeved tee both of which I have in seemingly endless supply. Probably because I buy one of the two every time I hit a store. This could also go on top of any of my plain black dresses or liven up a sweater dress.

These last two items can be worn in all year long with sandals, pumps, boots, tall shoes, flat shoes- whatever. Hose or tights can take them into the winter or fall along with sweaters and heavier tops. I have a few similar styles that always stay in the front of my closet.

C. Graphic Print Pleated Skirt, $30

D. Khaki Belted Pencil Skirt, $34

I have a problem, man. There is not a mary jane or tstrap that I don’t like. A significant amount of my shoe collection is made up of one of these two designs. I had the perfect classic black pair- perfect heel height, could be dressed up or down, worn with my jeans or with dresses, with tights or without. Unfortunately I wore them into a poor, pitiful early death. Looking online for replacements for my babies, I found a few twists on the regular mary jane style.


A. Hayes Pump, $70
Funky spin on the classic black mary jane

B. Kennedy Pump,$100
Patent leather, colored heel version

C. Andes Pump,$82
Tan distressed and embossed version

D. Kira Pump, $60
Snakeskin embossed, two tone version

I don’t go to Macy’s because I have never been in a store that was not in disarray and I can’t concentrate in a mess. With sales like these I can understand why it looks like that. They are practically giving clothes away! Luckily, I don’t have to get stuck in the muck to take advantage of these prices and neither do you. Today is their One Day Sale and I have combed through tons and tons of pages. The next few blog posts will be from Macy’s. This first one though…I bring you some truly great deals all under $25! I concentrated on items that you can wear to work. Consider this a part two to the earlier Recession Work Dressing blog.Slacks-  One can never have too many work slacks and at these prices you can pretty much buy all of them with no guilt. One meaning not me because I am not allowed to shop. Don’t let that stop you though.


A. Black Side D-Ring Slacks, $15
B. Black Belted Slacks, $18
Yes, two pairs…come on… look at these prices
C. Grey Center D-Ring, $11
D. Dark Grey Plaid Cropped Pants, $8
I don’t know if cropped is still “in” but I take any chance that I can to show off my boots

Jackets- I love these two cute jackets. You can wear them over dresses, with slacks and skirts, as weekend wear with jeans, and when the weather gets warmer this Spring as a coat. The neutral colors mean they’d go well with pretty much any colors.


A. Metallic Zip Up Bomber, $20
B. Cream Ruched Jacket, $15

Dresses/Skirts- I have some great belts that I unearthed from deep in the bowels of my closet and these dresses are practically crying to be belted. With a cardigan, jacket, or by themselves this is easy dressing here. You can make even them fun and pair them with some great tights (coming soon to a post near you). I wear mine with boots and tights mostly like Option C until Spring. Lastly, this tweed pencil skirt belongs in everyone’s closet.


A. Turquoise VNeck Dress, $20
B. Black Empire Waist Dress, $20
C. Mauve Pleated Scoop Neck, $20
D. Houndstooth Skirt, $10

Denim Trousers- I have about three pairs of denim trousers and I love their versatility. I wear them on Fridays at work, on the weekends, out to dinner. They even make great club/lounge and concert wear. I wish I’d paid these prices for mine! My trigger finger is itching…let me get out of here!


A. Classic Black, $19
B. Two Button Dark Blue Rinse, $25
C. Two Button Light Blue Rinse, $25
These are the same as above in a different rinse. I am a believer in buying in bulk. If it works, why not get two?
D. Ludlow Blast Wash, $20

Well everyone has waxed on and on about Michelle Obama’s election night dress and I seem to be in the minority- I liked it.  The dress is beautiful, the issue is with her cardigan.  The cardigan was too long and where it hit made the silohuette slightly unflattering.  It would have been perfect with either a shrug or a cardigan that hit much higher on her torso.  The choice of dress is what I like best about Mrs. Obama…she takes risks and she loves bold colors, dresses, and classic shapes.  That and her love of low heels and flats, bare and shiny legs, simple makeup, and unfussy hair makes her number one in my book!  I love her best in the colorful, sleek dresses of Maria Pinto.  Here’s to hoping that’s who she picks to help her design her inaugural dress.  Below are some of my favorite Mrs. Obama looks- the purple Pinto sheath is my absolute favorite.  That’s when I took notice of Mrs. O’s style.