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I need some kicks ((sneakers, tennis shoes, whatever)). I am finding *nothing*. I went out to help a friend find jeans yesterday and realized that I wasnt excited about my casual footwear choices. I have mostly pumas and adidas. Well that’s all I have…lol. I even have the first pair of sneakers I ever bought for myself…from 1993 some bl/wh shell toes. I love them so! And considering the fact that I dont wear socks much…they smell great. Haha! Here are the tolerable sneaker choices that I’ve seen. If yall have any other suggestions, let me know.

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Ultimate 81 ((saw these in like 4 other color combos))

Keds Greta ((man, classic Keds I once wore them sockless with rolled tight jeans…lol))

Puma E NYC 1975 S ((technically for guys))



I’m going to have to put my beloved Oscar coat in the cleaners thanks to this wack ice storm that hit my hood. All kindsa salt and snow dust all over my baby!! So…I was looking at coats for you know, inspiration becuz I am on shopping restriction :0). But uhm I do not have a brown coat…I don’t think. ((who am I kidding??))

Anyways, these two lovelies are almost enough to make me plunk down some duckets, man. VERY VERY CUTE!!!!! They are from Soia and Kyo and luckily sold out on their webiste but you can check where these lovelies can be purchased in store here:

Let me know if you got one.

Okay, I’ve been meaning to do this for the past week but I keep leaving my lil notes at home and anyone who knows me knows I have *HORRIBLE* memory. No really, it’s bad. So I will just give you my quick thoughts on what Fall 07 has to offer us.

Get yourself some tights. Every collection had opaque tights in them. Grey was the most popular color, then black, then some splashes of color and a some bold patterns.

The most popular color had to be grey and all its cousins…like steel, granite, pewter, and on and on. Alot of black and neutrals (stone colors)….but for actual color there were purples and then I saw some greens.

I still saw alot of belting, so dont throw your belts away just yet. While they are prolly not overpriced yet pick up some long gloves immediately.

There were *ALOT* of dresses and skirts which meant I was in heaven. Cute shift dresses but everything was extremely lady-like and flattering to all figures. Again, heaven for the kid. And the coats????? OH OH OH! Like I need another coat…lol.

Of course the 40s were the big buzz time period and say goodbye to your skinny jeans and stock up on wide-legged pants. I’ll be back with more later, man.

I’m almost through my Valentine’s Day crunch. What’s great is I’m doing more gifts for *MEN* this year! I have always felt that if men were given great gifts they would appreciate the day more. Way to go, pple! Here are a couple of baskets that I managed to snap pics of before they were shipped. The Pefect Gentleman Gift Basket and Well Groomed Gift Basket respectively.

How am I celebrating VDay? I was going to take a bath with Heavenly Milk Bath and LUXURIATE. I love the Heavenly Body Whip and don’t use it often. Right now I’m stuck on Fig Exfoliating Milk and Body Butter. Maybe I’ll eat some overpriced, gourmet ice cream and/or some truffles afterward. Then finally pop in a sappy, romantic comedy and make phone calls to my family and friends. My plans for a girl’s night out are just not working! But this is an excellent plan b!

So, yes it’s Fashion Week. Three shows I’m always dying to see are: Tracy Reese, Cynthia Steffe, and DVF. I love everything about Tracy, who she is *and* her clothes…usually. Didn’t totally dig this year’s show. I do love the dotted tights and bold striped tights she had with her looks. The styling was great. I just didn’t get the same excitement. She did say she streamlined this year and I can see that.

Anyways, listening to her interview I could totally related to her and her story is very inspirational if none of you know it…read about it. Her “Behind The Label” interview plays in my mind alot. This is her second try at her own business.
I’ll leave you with my favorite piece from the show. Y’all know I’m addicted to coats.

Oh and this is the most important picture from the show! Two of my favorite girlies together! Plus Tracy’s dress was the best piece in the show…lol.

So, it’s National Wear Red Day! Are you wearing red? It’s to show support for women’s heart disease awareness. It’s also the first day of FASHION WEEK!!!! In honor of both, I leave you this:

Lord And Taylor ((LNT from here on out)), $149