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I’ve been out doing girly things with two lil princesses that I kidnapped for the week, so The Homie- Margarita Mary is gonna take over today. She is a big Aldo freak fan so this is the perfect introduction for her…ENJOY! See ya next wk.

Hello there to all you of in blog land! The Mixmaster has invited me to
guest blog today about the wonderful sale going on at ALDO now through August 4th. Big
ups to Budget Chic for posting about this.

I’m a frequent ALDO shopper and while most of their shoes are marked down
eventually, they have never EVER had markdowns on this scale at these
prices. There are all kinds of styles for cheap so head on over there and
get you some shoes! Oh and be sure to use the code “VIPOFFER” for free
shipping. I already ordered 3 pair for the low low price of $65.

Below are some of my favorites.


Clockwise from top left:
Firiesol – $34.99
Fororssa – $19.99
Fanulanu – $34.99
Miriello – $19.99


Here are a couple of tops from Urban Outfitters’ Last Chance Sale that you can get for the price of that greasy slice of pizza you just ate for lunch. I think the shirt is better for you, FYI. All of these cuties are just $5. Yes, I said $5.


So I’m currently rocking big hair and big hair begs for big earrings. Well or small ones but that’s another post. This post is about a crafty chica whose HANDMADE earrings caught my attention while messing around on Twitter (add me). La Bella Bijoux has some pretty funky and original jewelry on her etsy site. I’m partial to her earrings. I’m trying to decide which of these four should go home with me. I wish I would have found out about her sooner because I could surely used a pair of her earrings this weekend. Ah well…next time, Gadget. Either way, check the lady out. Let me know what you think. Here are my favorites. It’s pretty obvious that I was thinking of the mango dress that I’m planning to wear this weekend when I made my picks…lol. Pictured earrings are from $12 to $14.

la bella bijoux

So, I have two pretty neat activities coming up which require some cute outfits.  I have searched my closet and found four contenders (all with tags still on them *smh*) but can’t quite figure out which ones to let have their day in the sun.  So what do you think?  The first event will be with a gaggle of girlfriends but will be more subdued and the second with a cauldron of co-eds for a wild birthday party.  For both I want to be comfortable and able to roam from activity to activity and still look good. I could pretty much wear either of these and be happy so help me.  Oh and please ignore my hair plaits, I was just about to hop in the shower and wash it.  Without further ado, the contenders in alphabetical order- (update: I deleted the contender pics. Here’s the winner…)

pick dress- black final tinypic

The votes are in and I wore The Black Dress. I wore it with some really sexy bronze stilettos (oh there’s a funny story here that I may tell), some wild and curly hair, and some other stuff to make it pop. I will wear The Mango Dress next weekend. The Orange Dress is obviously better suited for a taller woman with more cleavage and hips than I can provide. It’s a size 14 and will be on sale here soon with better pictures. I hope to get better pictures of my choices so that I can post the final picture results. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!

Okay, last Gilt Final Sale post but someone needs to get in on some of these great prices.  It can’t be me…remember, I am on shopping restriction.  I do like to look though and lookit all the pretty dresses that I found.  Check em out! 


The first three are Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent, the bottom row from left to right are the always-cute Ali Ro, a sleek, funky little Abaete, and the simply chic Miguelina.

Okay so this is a Yay Or Nay mixed with a regular post.  I am loving these bleach stained jeans…LOVING!  I, however, don’t think that I could pull them off myself.  I actually just unearthed a bleach stained skirt and put it in the MAYBE pile because I can’t decide what to do with it.  So….bleachy-distressed denim…yay or nay?  And then I threw in some cute trouser jeans that we all know that we can use and wear pretty much all year long.  Enjoy!

Oh, all of these are from the Gilt Final Sale as you can probably tell by the prices.  Habitual Drifter Skinny Jeans, Converse John Varvatos Denim Sailor Jeans, and Habitual Rakish Wide Leg Trousers.


Yes, black is my favorite color and it looks good all year long as evidenced by this cute lil White And Warren number on sale for $58 at Gilt’s Huge Final Sale.  If you’re not already a member, you really should join.  The sale ends on the 11th at midnight.

It’s sparse in here but I’ll share with you the reason why soon!


Look, I’m all for finding yourself and becoming more spiritual but I must draw the line at fine, chocolate specimens covering up all that goodness.  Loon?  Baby?  NO!