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Okay, this isn’t an informercial and this is something you’ll actually use way more than that Flowbee collecting dust in your coat closet. Ann Taylor LOFT for some crazy reason is offering all dresses for the low, low price of $39.50. Here are a few of my favorites. Act now!



I should just rename this blog…lol.  But yeah, here are a few of my recent favorites.  They are all definitely working it!  Hair, make up, accessories…it’s head to toe fabulous on all three. 



I absolutely love and adore this couple- exhibit a. 
I obviously have a love affair with Malinda’s style- exhibit b
D-Nice is doing his thing though too- exhibit c.  I love these True Hip Hop Stories.
Seriously, I need to know who made this gorgeous brocade topper though…it is absolutely beautiful. Check out this lovely jacket and dress that would look great under it! This satin silver party look is by the an Australian shop called Madaboochoo.



Jury’s still out on both of these Boston Proper purses.  Interestingly fly or borderline ugly, I can’t decide.  Of course the black and white one is calling me but this candy-colored whimsical one is hot on its heels.  They are $159 and $179 respectively so uh it ain’t happening.  I do like a few items I’ve seen on the site so we will revisit this place soon, buddies.  Realistically though, I’d put both back after looking at them for 20 minutes and roll out with this cute oversized linen clutch for $59 and forget about the other two with a quickness!


Oh guys…THIS IS MY 175th post!  I have to figure out how to commemorate this.  Maybe with this clutch?  It’s only right, right?  I’m a mess.


First, I STAN for Kellendria so it pains me to do this but I must.  I mean I stan lust for Blair, Jude, and Orlando but I did the same thing for them.  I didn’t want to do this but I had to….so here’s a promo shot from her new Bravo tv show.  I love me some Isaac Mizrahi too.  If you’ve never seen Unzipped I highly recommend it.  NANOOK OF THE NORTH!  SCRIMS!  CIGARETTES!  Oh lemme focus, the fabulous Ms. Rowland…



Finally!  Go ‘head, CiCi.  I’m about to break out my Cherry Jubilee and my flat iron.  I mean I am loving every single bit of it.  I’m weak!  She is giving me so much Coko I don’t know what to do.   Oh wait, yes I do…