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Listen, Macy’s has some great sales from time to time that I cannot deny.  However, I am not and have never been a Macy’s brick-and-mortar fan.  Their online store is cool with me but I need to try my clothes on especially if it’s not a brand that I buy alot.  If I find myself in a Macy’s store it’s probably out of desperation or I’m accompanying someone else. 

Maybe this time it wouldn’t have seemed so bad if I hadn’t visited Lord And Taylor first.  At Lord And Taylor it was a peaceful shopping experience with items neatly placed on racks luring you to touch them.  If you were confused about a price, the scan machines were plentiful, easily located, and get this- OPERABLE.  The dressing rooms were clean, carpeted, and staffed.  The lines were efficient and the sales people friendly and pleasantly chatty.  They didn’t have what I needed though so I headed across the mall to Macy’s.  It was the total opposite of Lord And Taylor.  Packed, dirty, frenetic…I didn’t even want to shop anymore and I immediately became tired and exasperated just by LOOKING at the place. 

The racks were crammed, sizes out of order, pieces falling to the ground if you even brushed by them.  Lines were long, sales people non existent, and the price check scanners did not even work.  The dressing rooms looked worse than my closet on its worst day and that’s saying ALOT…lol.  Stuff was everywhere.  But I braved through.  They actually had some decent items there and the prices weren’t bad but if I wasn’t desperate for an outfit for this prom party I definitely would have just walked out as soon as I walked in.  I am just not a fan of chaos and clutter for my shopping expeditions.  I love shoes and the prices were great but you had to push shoes out of the way to even walk down the aisles- total turn off.  Anyway, two Macy’s and HOURS later I emerged victorious with a great dress and a wrap.  Would I do it again? Nope- not if I can help it or I was told it was revamped.


When I heard about this prom party I was super excited.  While I had been to two proms in my youth, I never got to pick my dress to either.  I looked great but my mother was so excited each time she came home with a great dress that I’d try on and everyone would deem it fabulous.  Hey I learned everything that I know about shopping from my parents.  But, yes finally I would pick my own prom dress almost two decades later…woohoo!  I thought I had the perfect dress already in my closet and it was a great red  silk, strapless number.  But somehow between trying it on on the morning of the event, I got something on it that would not come out.  So here I was the day of with no dress!  Ten hours of shopping later, I came up with the finally product that met all of my criteria- not black, comfortable, figure-flattering, long, cheap.  This hip-skiming, tummy-hiding EGGPLANT dress as an added bonus is wrinkle-free!  I even got a flower and feather headband like I’ve been lusting after for a year and couldn’t imagine an occasion that I could actually wear one.  I had planned to make my headband even funkier with some tulle like bando and Twigs And Honey but I ran out of time (plus would you believe Michael’s doesn’t have colored tulle??????). 


Also, here is my internet debut on my blog.  Nope, never shown myself so I really hope yall appreciate this.  I just couldn’t find a good way to describe the dress nor could I find a picture so enjoy.  Is this enough to garner a comment on this piece?  Geez!  I love the emails and inboxes though so thank you for the love either way.  Yes, the picture is crappy but this is from my camera phone. And yes, I’m in the bathroom…lol.  I must love ya’ll, like really.   I had no idea these would be some of the only pics I took that night.  ((An aside- I’ve been looking in vain for a picture of the dress but I can’t find one.  I took my face out because I can’t have my debut associated with my BATHROOM and with my toilet in clear view.  Ugh!)) 

So in all, the prom party was a great idea.  Everyone looked lovely- from the gents in suits and tuxes to the ladies in all sorts of colorful and fabulous frocks.  The decor was an array of pinks, reds, and whites and absolutely beautiful and fun.  Oh and my last minute dress?  $58.  Scarf/wrap- $12.  Headband including all supplies- $5.  Shoes, of course I had some.  Finally picking my own prom dress? PRICELESS!

I miss my friend Celeste.  She is the a really cool girl.  She’s a girl after my own heart.  Together we would travel all over DC enjoying all the randomness the city had to offer.  We’d go from a wine tasting to a bourgie happy hour to an art gallery to a poetry reading to a grimy hip hop show to a club all in one night.  Sometimes we’d change clothes in between events so as not to look too crazy at the next event but more often than not we’d be dressed cute enough to look great yet blend in from venue to venue and be dressed comfy enough to make it through marathon nights on the town.  That’s what these boots made me think about.  Basically though these are crazy Saturday boots and lazy Sunday boots, first date boots and lemme-throw-these-on-and-roll-to-the-store boots, sweater dress boots and jean boots.  Now I cannot attest to the sturdiness of Steve Madden as I haven’t had any in a long time but I’d be willing to give these a try.  And if you’re copping try this coupon code (CABIN15) for 15% off.  Oh, notice these are all flats and yet still sexy.


A. These Insayne Boots, $150 remind me of my favorite pair of boots that I’ve worn so much that the bottoms are uber thin.  Okay, whatever…there’s a hole in the bottom.  It’s time to let go or see if a cobbler can help me out because I love them and I can’t let go. 
B. I really think I should be allowed to have these Parkerr Boots, $100.  Like I know I’m not supposed to be shopping like that and all but these boots have my name written all over them.  ALL OVER THEM.  Uh, early birthday present?
C. I love the back on these Beatrix Boots, $100.  Just the right bit of whimsy so they don’t like like everyday, boring black boots.

Well I’m sort of going to the prom.  I mean not a real prom but a prom-themed birthday party where I’m required to either wear a tea length or full length gown.  What I thought I had in my closet is more semi-formal and I can’t find my formal stuff anywhere but that’s another story for another day.  I’m so last minute about this and have been perusing department store sites to see which one I should head to with the best (and cheapest) selection.  Looks like it’s Macys but yeah…here are a few gowns that have caught my eye.  Have any other suggestions?  It can’t be anything online though.  I’m going to have to hit a brick-and-mortar for sure. 



A. I love the flattering seams and fiery color on this BCBG Strapless Dress, $170 but it’s more than I care to pay.

B. More forgiving and flattering seams and pleats on this steely yet pretty Adrianna Papell dress, $148 but I’m not sold on it.

C. I’m absolutely loving the color and the back on this satin JS Boutique and it’s my number one contender but I don’t feel like holding in my stomach all night…lol.  For $78 though, I’m seriously considering it.

D. More great seams and even an empire waist in a nice neutral color on this BCBGeneration dress, $148.  The comments on this dress say that it’s yellow which would really inspire me to cop it but I don’t like this price. 

E. I’ve been eyeing this JS Collections dress, $124 in all of its colors and I love everything about it.  With the neckline, the mermaid silhouette, the pleating, the color I want- it’s definitely figure flattering and interesting but I’m feeling so cheap right now.

F. I bet this Cachet jersey gown is really soft and comfortable.  It has a bit of flair but not too much and it’s only $100.  I still am not sold on that color.

G. Another one shoulder gown that’s a bit more sleek and makes me want to channel Diana Ross with some big hair and dramatic eyes.  This Alex Evenings gown is $118. 

H. Okay, this is the last JS Collections dress but can’t you see I just want some pleating and details in my life!  I love the soft mesh bottom of this dress but the color may be too deep for me.  At $148 though most likely not. 


Well it looks like Old Man Winter is going to call it quits in a few weeks and stores are dying to get rid of their winter inventory.  While it’s a great time to snag some goodies for next year, I definitely like to get a few wears out of my stuff before I pack it up and store it.  This sweater dress is the perfect transition dress and can take you through all of the seasons comfortably.  It’s a blank slate and can be worn on it’s own, with items under it, and with items over it.  Can it be any more perfect?  Oh it’s like $33 with an additional 25% off sincle it’s clearance.  Yes…hop to it!

Anyway, most likely I’d pair this with a long boyfriend cardigan and put the belt over top and rock it out with some flat boots and tights.  I could also do the same with a plain black turtleneck.  I’m curious though as to how this dress would look with this neat secretary-bowed shirt underneath it.  And in warmer weather I could definitely pair this cute puff-sleeved turtleneck with it.  And if you were funkier than me, you could rock any colors you want in a belt, cardigan, boot, whatever to brighten up the palette.  Oh, all of these items are under $30 because Lord And Taylor is having a super sale.


I am really obsessing over bangs.  I am really feeling my headband obsession coming back too.  This picture isn’t helping.  It was for sale on Urban Outfitters but it’s gone now.  Perhaps you can spot one at a brick and mortar or perhaps you can fashion your own version with a plain headband, hot glue gun, and a little creativity!


I’ve clicked through a few Fall 09 Fashion Week shows and wasn’t coming up on much until I got to the Tuleh show.  These coats make me long for days where a top coat is all you need to keep off that gentle breeze.  Soon come!  But yes, I’m loving these slightly ornate fabrics and the simple, sleek structure of the coats.


I love Nia Long.  I love Tracy Reese.  Combined it’s just a super cute love fest.  But wait, there’s even a cause attached to the fabulousness.  Heart disease is the number one killer of women so let’s look even better on the inside than the outside, folks.  Yeah though, Nia Long in a fiery Tracy Reese dress for The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fashion Show this weekend win-win-win.  I will not discuss the shoes.


Maybe you cried in your beer/wine/Fanta.  Maybe you found love.  Maybe your relationship was made stronger.  Maybe you found out you werent really in a relationship.  Maybe you listened to old Whitney Houston songs and realized that the greatest love of all is inside of you.  Maybe you found yourself the perfect right hand ring.  Because whatever happened, this ring will make it better.  Love 40, baby.

*I didn’t do any of these things but I really want that ring.


So this weekend I went back to my roots and hit a small club for a slightly obscure, live hip hop show.  I love shows in small venues with crowds who know the music and adore the acts and don’t stand around like they’re too cute to even breathe hard.  I ,however, hate shows where fans act like they just got released on furlough and are happy to be amongst the sane.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show though my legs are no longer made for standing on concrete floors for 5 hours even in flats.  What I did not enoy was the moron that in his joyous, jubilant jumping fit ripped a piece off of my favorite black bag.  RIP, Braidy. You were my heart and soul.   I will miss your funky, yet classic style and the many days that we shared together.  I will not miss losing my keys, my money, nor my id in your lining.  Anyway, now I need a new bag.  This one is calling me, only $84.  Early birthday present?  Who knows.