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There is nothing bad anyone can say about this. If I was bolder and had time to fiddle with my hair, I’d run and get this hair cut right now.


I shouldn’t have left you. Sorry, darlings…it’s been a blur of birthdays, holidays, shea butter, and home improvement. I’m back though…just in time! Fall and Spring are my most favorite seasons because I can mix and match all of my favorite things. For the last two weeks I’ve been wearing dresses and boots and I’m very, very happy. It’s chilly enough to get those last wears of boots that didn’t get their chance to walk on the promenade this winter. I put away my heaviest winter coats and am now into the Spring coats. The jackets too for a bit but it’s kind of cold now so coats it is. I’m trying to play with color a bit because it’s definitely been all about black this winter. I’ve matched up my cute collarless red swing coat with a bright pink scarf. It’s quite the combo! You won’t miss me dashing down the street.

But yes, today I have on one of my Target finds…a wrinkle-free faux wrap dress that I must go back and get in all of the other colors….lol. Just kidding! Target has really stepped up the dress game this year as three styles really caught my eye. I already saw one on Easter Sunday believe it or not. It really is that cute. So stroll on down and check out these cute frocks while your picking up batteries, juice, and cleaning supplies. You won’t be sorry. The best part is none of these cost more than $28.

Dress I’m wearing today

Already seen on Easter Sunday. Best worn with the belt worn reversed, not as shown.

Perfect Urban Audrey cap-sleeved dress