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Yes, I’m infatuated with the cold right now…how can I not be! Anyways, it’s time to put these trouser socks to rest as my tootsies are like icicles right now. Here are some cute yet warm socks to inspire us all.





Well I just bought a new pair of wonderful flat knee high black boots and looked through my closet and saw that I really didn’t have a casual winter dress to wear with it. ((Okay, yeah I do but uhm I like new things/new outfits)). I’m on shopping restriction so I cannot indulge but this is the perfect way to be “casually cute.” It’s thermal/waffle weave so it’s not necessarily dressy. It can be worn alone, with jeans, with leggings (ugh), with boots and tights, with heels, wedges, whatever. It’s versatile. It’s from Fitz Couture an online boutique so have at it…it’s only $45!

yeah, so last night standing outside trying to get into a horribly organized show i pondered how truly possible is it to be cute *and* freezing cold. try these lookers from girlshop and shophysteria.

*Sidenote: the hats are different. They were linked to Girlshop which has shut down. :0( Anyways, look for Hat Attack, Anna Kula, and Candela NYC.

Allow me to just take a moment to think forward for a minute. As I de-iced my car this morning I could not help but think of Spring……..

Cynthia Steffe SP07

Alright folks, Valentine’s Day is now live:
Has anyone seen the “Dump Cupid” campaign on tv? I think it’s hilarious.

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Of course I love my family and significant others and friends every day but I love the hearts, the candy, the small thoughtful gestures. Hell, we gave out those cute, cartoon cards in college. Maybe I’ll bring that back this year. Last year I sent my mom, grandmother and lil sister flowers and they were all happy. Neither of them had a Valentine so I thought it’d be appreciated. It’s hard not to get caught up or feel a little sad when the world is filled with flowers and candy. I haven’t decided what I will send this year but it will be something from Rum And Cake. My sisters will like the “Mr. Right” I’m sure. Some bath salts for my mother who loves soaking and my grandma’s hands get really dry in the winter so I’m sure she needs more hand creme. I don’ t have a valentine this year so that means I should do a lil something special for myself! I think it’s going to be a little something to wear to the Eric Roberson show that I’m going to attend on VDay with my friend.

I offer two massage bars in gift baskets but am wondering should I bother offering them flat out? Do couples massage each other anymore? The first massage bar I fell in love with fit perfectly into the palm of my hand and had the lovely smell of oranges and chocolate. Sounds crazy but it smelled so good. Of course…it was discontinued.

I don’t see that many places offering massage bars and I’m not trying to put a product at there that’d sit around dusty. I love massages, at spa, from honeyboos, giving them, hell giving myself one (I wear crazy shoes, man…my feet need massaging). Am I the only one? I need a poll function here…lol.

Anyways, I tested and played around and have Chocolate Massage Truffles…perfect, hand-sized chocolate-scented wonders that glide on wonderfully and Heavenly Massage Bar…nice, hand-size with a wonderful musky, sweet scent. They both have rose petals in them for that bit of friction and indulgence…but I mean will anyone use it? Bueller? Bueller?

Uhm, I barely took down my holiday decorations (haha, okay I just hung up a nice quilted blanket/tree that my mumsy gave me from Cracker Barrell). Anyways, now it’s VALENTINE’S DAY FRENZY! My drug store officially said so. So stay tuned, Rum And Cake Valentine’s Day Hype COMING TO A COMPUTER NEAR YOU…very soon.

One of my best Valentine’s Days was in college. My girls and I cooked up a big spaghetti dinner, bought dessert, decorated a bit and talked about our best and worst dates and just had a good ole raucous, girly time. I don’t remember who’s idea it was but it was genius.

First, let me say Happy New Year and that I hope you had a productive and positive holiday season. This holiday season has been very productive and positive for a great friend of mine, actually I consider her more my sister than anything. Very kind, caring, hilarious, and spirited! Well my homie and her husband just had a lovely lil bundle of joy…Faith Noelle! She’s a cutie too. Welcome…Lil Faye!!!

I’m inspired to get Rum And Cake for babies off the ground…lol. I mean we’re safe for babies and many children use and love our products now but think of how fun would it be to smell like Root Beer and Bubble Gum for the little ones! I’m on it.