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Please shave!  LOVE YOU!



Well I usually do not buy shoes from Aldo because they never felt that great on my feet.  These boots however have me thinking about driving in all of this ice just to try these on.  Aldo is currently having a boot sale with up to 50% off and these lovelies will only cost you $110.  My goodness, why am I being tested?  These boots deserve to go home with me.  Or you.  Let me know.

Well all the sneaker hypeheads are a buzzing about Kanye’s new footwear for Louis.  They were kind of basic looking to me but I did like the details on them and can see how a man would want to wear them.  I’m really more of a high top fan right now (sneaker post coming soon) but the most impressive detail on these low kicks are the front and back edges that sit higher up so your pant legs can fit in them.  I’m so not mad at that.  Anyway, I saw another release from this Kanye-Louis collabo that I am just loving.  I have no idea the cost but I can tell you that unless I had a benefactor I will be looking at them on this page just like you.  Lol.  They are fly though.  Peep the details.  What you think?  I really wouldn’t want my man rocking them.  He can get with those basic jawns that are all over the net now.  Oh, maybe I should call Kanye by his new name- Martin Louis The King….Junior.  LOL!


Nope, that’s not a typo.  The other online sample-sale-ish site of which I am a member is Gilt.  I need to be more quick on the draw when their sales begin because ladies are snatching things up with a vengence there.  Here are a couple of items from their latest round of goodies that caught my eye.  If you’d like to join, take advantage of this invite.  As a courtesty though, save all size 9s for me, please.  As if! 


Are there any other sites that I’m missing?  Gilt and Ideeli are my current one-two punch but I’d love to know about more.  Gilt really has my heart right now because of the Cynthia Steffe (LOVE HER- can’t wait for Spring!)and Hunter sales going on right now.


Or better yet if I wasn’t so cheap I’d love to traipse around town or the airport with this funky Samsonite suitcase.  It’s currently on sale for $335 down from $900 on IDEELI, a cool little sample-sale-ish shopping website. 


For the more budget-friendly shopper, these cute bracelets are also on sale there for only $18.  They also come in a gold tone.  If you’d like to join the IDEELI community, feel free to use this invite from yours truly.  Let me know if you get anything!

Well I’m looking for a new everyday necklace to treat myself for Valentine’s Day.  I wasn’t really finding what I wanted and I heard of the Natural Sapphire Company and the ability to custom-create items.  The necklaces there didn’t really appeal to me but wowsa…honey, this did.  There’s no way I’m getting this so I mean if you like it…have at it I guess but please send me a picture!  It’d be perfect if it was closer to 1 carat though.  Other than that…wow.


I’ve heard about right hand rings but I can’t say that I’ve seen many or any actually.  And I’m not buying into that propaganda  but if I was going to cop myself one this would be high on the list.  But err uhm…maybe for my next birthday…lol.

It was my intention to do a review of Notorious but what I actually wanted to review, I can’t find pictures to match.  I was minding my business laughing through this movie and BOOM! two fine young men appeared on the movie screen.  Now I cannot find any good pictures of Charles Malik Whitfield or Kevin Phillips that do justice to the beauty that I saw in the movie so until then I’m gonna chill.  What I can say that I saw the 2nd finest man that I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes live direct and in-the-flesh this weekend- Lance Gross.  His skin is so smooth, so chocolately, whew.  I’m not feeling this permed-out-caesar look that dudes are doing now but he was fine enough to make me forget about that.  The pictures really don’t do much justice as he was wearing a cream shirt that I think made his skin stand out even more…whew!  Congrats, Eva.


Oh as if you had to even guess- below is the finest man alive and I have been priviliged enough to see all this fineness in the flesh too.  Whew!  Thank you Toya for having him wave at me because I was too geeky and too stunned (hey I was like 18 shut up!) to act.  Okay, yes this is a gratuitous Blair moment but can you blame me?  I think I have a thing for goatees.  Lol.


I mean to post this last week but like the rest of the country…I’ve been busy.  Anyways, I’m still coveting bangs and I love this simple, casual outfit.  While I am not a fan of mixing metals, I think this look is pretty close to perfection.  Go ‘head lil Rudy!


No more to it!


I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m in love with DVF (well, right behind Tracy Reese whose altar at which I worship). Well kiddies, she’s having a 70% off sale so you might want to scurry over and see some of the goodies. This dress right here though? TOPS! And for only $140.  Ever since I saw Miranda don one in SATC The Movie I’ve been coveting the gold structured dress. Just becuz I can’t cop it though doesn’t mean that you can’t. I want pics if you do! You know, vicarious living 09. Lol.