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One rushed Friday while in Union Station I realized that I wasn’t satisfied with my attire for the evening.  What’s a girl on the go to do?  Luckily Union Station has a few clothing and shoe stores for a quick wardrobe change.  One such store is White House, Black Market.  I wear so much black I’m surprised that I’ve never really bought much from there.  Many of their clothes seem to be for someone a bit older than me but there are a few gems to be plucked from their racks.

Right now they are giving an additional 25% off of sale prices *and* throwing in $25 off  of $125 in purchases using code number 8688 and $50 off of $200 purchases with code number 8691.  The codes expire 11/2 but even without them these are some great prices.

Anyway, I put together these two looks from the sale pages.  Thoughts?


A. Open Diamond Sweater, $50

B. Wide Leg Tweed Pant, $37

C. Chain Metal Ballet Flat, $40

D. Khaki Kimono Jacket, $75

E. Silk Cocktail Dress, $53

F. Black Patent Ankle Booties, $60


Welp, if you’re anywhere in the Northeast you know that winter is coming.  It may already be here as just minutes ago it was snowing outside my office window.  I so am not ready.  Anyway, I was never the type of girl to wear a Starter jacket but I always envied how cozy and warm-looking those who did seemed.  So I went to search for the perfect puffy jacket.  Warm but still with cute where you can see that I am not shaped like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.  Here’s what I came up with.  Oh and if you see me in the streets in A. just pretend that I’m not fibbing when I say that it was in the back of my closet and that I didn’t just buy it. 

A. Belted Long Puffer Coat, $160

B. Bright Pink Belted Puffer Mid, $108 

C. Plum Cropped Puffer, $175

D. Belted Puffed Mid, $165

Way back in yesteryear, I proudly walked around in large shirts tucked into colored jeans.  And don’t forget the body suit underneath it all.  Yes, I was pretty much looking like an extra from MC Lyte’s “Poor Georgie” video (see girl on left).  It was back then that I discovered my love for plaid- plaid jacket, plaid hats, and yes of course those plaid lumber jack shirts.  Worn with overalls and embarassingly even skirts. 

Nowadays, I still love plaid but it’s a little more shall we say feminine and refined.  Plaid is making a comeback and does every couple of seasons or so but these jackets that I spotted on Urban Outfitters have just enough hint of grunge and hip hop to  make even the sweetest silohuettes sing.  Take a looksie.  Oh and I’m still not allowed to shop but A and C really want to go home with me.

A. Ombre Plaid Coat, $98

B. Tiered Houndstooth Coat, $140

C. Check Coat, $360

D. Plaid Chambridge Coat, $159