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Normally, I don’t really get excited over jewelry becuz I don’t wear any- especially not rings. It all stems from me losing stuff so much as a youngster and having my favorite amethyst ring slip off my hand while clapping at a pep rally never to be seen again. And the final straw was my precious ‘Black American Princess’ charm and necklace falling off on my way into church…never to be seen again. But this ring almost makes me want to go on and give it another try. I need a new necklace too so I did a bit of searching and found a few of those too. A new “thing”? I hope not, I need no more vices!

A. SS Spiral Cocktail Ring, Jill Alberts- $ 370.00

B. Bird Locket, Lola Bean- $175

C. “Be The Change” Necklace, Patina Store- $42

D. Bird & Book Locket, Patina Store- $56

E. Accordion Locket Necklace, Red Envelope- $95


As I sit here in head to toe black I know for sure that I don’t need one more piece of black clothing. This top is so cute though. Can someone else get it? Let me know. Lol.

Oh, IT’S ONLY $23! Come on, buddy!